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Java 10 Features

Java 10 Features

Java 10 is the fastest release of a java version in its 23-year history. Java has been criticized for its slow growth and evolution, but Java 10 just shattered that concept. Java 10 is a….

Java 10 Var

Java 10: Local Variable Type Inference

In this article, we would take a deep dive at the new feature of Local-Variable Type Inference introduced in Java 10. We will go through the scope and limitations of using the local variable type….

Java 8 Optional – Value Based Class Usage Guidelines

In this article, we will go through the use of Java 8 Optional class and understand what a Value-Based class is. What are the scenarios for using a value-based class? and finally, see the usage….

Java Programming to Interfaces using Static Methods

In this quick tutorial, we would understand how static methods on interfaces helps us design better code and support the basic design principle: “Program to an interface, not an implementation”. You can find basic details….

Java Project Lombok

Project Lombok is a very useful tool for java projects to reduce boiler plate code. Problem Statement In Java vs. other language debate, the first knock which you get from other language supporters is that….

Java for loop Evolution

Iteration is one of the most basic requirement in any programming language & of all, “for” is the most widely used loop in java for iteration. We will see the evolution of java for loop….

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