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Scala Reactive Programming Book

Dear JournalDev Readers As you know, I have been sharing my knowledge by writing tutorials in JournalDev on Java and Scala Ecosystems for last couple of years. I got fantastic response to my tutorials, thank….

RESTful Web Services Interview Questions

We have written a lot on Restful Web Services, today we will look into Restful web service interview questions and answers. RESTful Web Services Interview Questions What is a RESTful Web Service? Why do we….

Java Stack – Stack In Java

Java Stack is a legacy Collection class. It extends Vector class with five operations to support LIFO (Last In First Out). It is available in Collection API since Java 1.0. As Vector implements List, Stack….

Java SE 9: Develop and Test Implied Readability Between Modules With IntelliJ IDE (Part-5)

I have already discussed many theoretical concepts about “Java 9 Module System” and also developed couple of examples using CMD prompt and IDEs in my previous posts.Now I’m going to discuss about “How to Develop….

Java SE 9: Develop and Test HelloWorld Module With Eclipse And IntelliJ IDEA IDEs (Part-4)

I have already discuss about “Java Module System” Basics in my previous posts. I’m going to discuss about “How to develop and test a Simple HelloWorld Java 9 Module by using the two popular IDEs:….

Java SE 9: Module and Module Descriptor Basics (Part-2)

I have already discuss about “Java 9 Module System” in high level in my previous post. I’m going to discuss about two more important concepts in this post: “Module” and “Module Descriptor” basics , which….

Java 9 Modules

Java 9 modules are one of the biggest change in the structure of java. Here I am going to give a brief high level introduction about “Java 9 Module System”. Java 9 Modules We will….

Java SE 9: Develop and Test Simple Module With CMD Prompt (Part-3)

I have already discuss few theoretical concepts about Java 9 Module System in my previous posts: “Java Module System”, “Module” and “Module Descriptor”. I’m going to discuss about “How to develop and test a Simple….

Java SE 9: “_” (Underscore) changes

In this post, we will discuss about What is the use of Underscore (“_”) in Java Modifiers? Changes to underscore in Java SE 9 release with some simple and useful examples. I have already released….

Java ListIterator – ListIterator in Java

As we know Java has four cursors: Enumeration, Iterator, ListIterator, and Spliterator. We have already discussed Enumeration and Iterator cursors in my previous post. Before going through this post, please go through my previous post….

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