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Templates In C

Templates in C++

Templates in C++ are an abstract version of Generic Programming wherein the code is written in an independent manner i.e. completely independent of the other blocks of code within the same program. With templates, you….

Python Log

Python log() Functions to Calculate Logarithm

Logarithms are used to depict and represent large numbers. The log is an inverse of the exponent. This article will dive into the Python log() functions. The logarithmic functions of Python help the users to….

Queue In C

Creating a Queue in C

A queue in C is basically a linear data structure to store and manipulate the data elements. It follows the order of First In First Out (FIFO). In queues, the first element entered into the….

Physical Layer

OSI Model

Open System Interconnection Model (OSI Model) is a 7 layered architecture structure to transmit the data from one point to another point. It is basically a reference model that interprets how the data from one….

Python List Concatenation

Ways to Concatenate Lists in Python

In this tutorial, we will unveil different methods to concatenate lists in Python. Python Lists serve the purpose of storing homogeneous elements and perform manipulations on the same. In general, Concatenation is the process of….

Bubble Sort

Bubble Sort Algorithm

When working with large databases, it is necessary to add the functionality to search for values or find the highest or lowest values from a range of items. The Bubble Sort Algorithm is an algorithm….

Format Specifiers In C

Format Specifiers in C

Format specifiers in C are used to accept and display data to the user. In programming terms, format specifiers help the compiler analyze the type of data being provided to the program. Thus, it helps….

Loops In C

Loops in C++

Loops come into picture when we need to execute a particular action in a repeated manner. Types of loops in C++ There are two broad categories of loops in C++ : Entry Controlled Loops Exit….

C Static Variables And Functions

Static Variables and Functions in C

Static Variables in C Basically, when static variables are declared, they create only a single copy of them and are also termed as Class Variables. They retain the value assigned in the corresponding scope and….

Linear Search Algorithm and Implementation in C

Linear Search is basically a sequential search algorithm. In this algorithm, the key element is searched in the given input array in sequential order. If the key element is found in the input array, it….

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