C++ Programming Tutorials

Exit() Function In C++

The exit() function in C++

Introduction Today we’ll learn about exit() in C++. We know we can break out of loops using the built-in break function in C++. Similarly, we can also break out of a whole C++ program using….

Templates In C

Templates in C++

Templates in C++ are an abstract version of Generic Programming wherein the code is written in an independent manner i.e. completely independent of the other blocks of code within the same program. With templates, you….

Stack In C Programming

Stack in C++

Introduction A stack is a linear data structure in C++. It serves as a collection of data, arranged serially in a specific order. In a stack in C++, two of the basic stack operations are….

Friend Function in C++

Friend Function in C++

Friend Functions in C++ are a category of functions that can access private and protected members of a class while being a public function/outside the class. You may wonder; is this even possible? Well, modern….

Foreach Loop In C

The foreach loop in C++

Introduction The foreach loop in C++ or more specifically, range-based for loop was introduced with the C++11. This type of for loop structure eases the traversal over an iterable data set. It does this by….


Reverse String in C++

In many situations, we may need to reverse a string in C++ programming. It may include just printing a reversed string. Or maybe in some cases need to reverse the string permanently at its address…..

String Length In C

String Length in C++

The string length in C++ can be calculated or found by various methods. Here, in this tutorial, we are going to learn all of them. And we would also implement the same through programming in….

Queue In C++

Queue in C++

Introduction We worked on the working as well as the implementation of a Stack in C++ in our previous tutorial. Today in this tutorial, we are going to discuss another data structure, Queue in C++…..

Realloc() Function In C And C

realloc() in C and C++ Programming

There could be many situations while programming in C or C++ language when you need to dynamically allocate memory. Normally, the compiler during compilation allocates memory for a program. In situations where the computer does….

Cpp Vector

Vectors in C++

A Vectors in C++ is an array-like container that can change dynamically in size. Being a part of the C++ STL, a Vector can support various dynamic array operations. Overview of Vectors in C++ Vectors,….

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