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How to Reverse a Linked List? (C and Python Implementation)

A Linked List is a simple but fascinating data structure that can be used to store linearly connected non-contiguous data. We are often encountered with interesting manipulative problems using a linked list as they require….

Control Structure and Input-Output in C

Control Structure in C defines how the statements in the program are going to execute. A statement is a single line or instruction in a program. Control Structure in C Control Structure, also known as….

Programming in C

We would start writing basic programs in C now. You need to have required software installed and configured in your system. Refer to the article of Hello World and ensure that you are able to….

Operators in C

Operators are essential components in programming for logical and mathematical functions. Operators in C programming are categorized in the following ways. Arithmetic Operators in C Binary Arithmetic operators These are of 5 types. We are….

Data Types and Modifiers in C

Data Types in C C has various data types to store data in program. C program can store integer, decimal number, character(alphabets), string(words or sentence), list etc. using various data types. We need to specify….

Tokens in C

Smallest units of programming language are called Tokens. These are building blocks of programming language which can not be divided further. Tokens in C are case sensitive. Tokens in C – Easy Definition In simple….

C Hello World Program

Whenever we start to learn any programming language, “Hello World Program” is the first one where we learn the basic syntax. In this article, we will look into “C Hello World Program” and start our….

Install C/GCC Compiler for Windows

The first step in learning any programming language is to have the required software installed in the system. In this tutorial, we will learn how to install C/GCC compiler in Windows. Source Code Editors Although,….

Introduction To C Programming

Basic Terminology Before we start the technicalities of our topic, let us understand some very basics. What is Programming? Instructing the computer to do some task by telling it “What to do” and “How to….

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