How to Install MongoDB on CentOS 7

In this article, we dive in and see how you can install MongoDB on CentOS 7. MongoDB is a free, flexible and opensource NoSQL database, different from the regular SQL databases like PostgreSQL and MySQL…..

Spring Boot MongoDB

Welcome to Spring Boot MongoDB example. Spring Boot is the easiest way to spin a spring project quickly and MongoDB is the most popular NoSQL database. Let’s see how to integrate spring with MongoDB database…..

MongoDB Tutorial

Welcome to the MongoDB tutorial index post. MongoDB is one of the most widely used NoSQL database. MongoDB Tutorial Recently I have written a lot on MongoDB tutorials that includes installation on various Operating Systems….

MongoDB authentication configuration example using Shell and Java Driver

Authentication enables user to verify identity before connecting to the database. At first, a user with admin privileges should be created and then additional users can be added. Let’s now create a user having admin….

MongoDB Map Reduce example using Mongo Shell and Java Driver

Map Reduce is a data processing technique that condenses large volumes of data into aggregated results. MongoDB mapreduce command is provided to accomplish this task. Lets consider the following examples that demonstrates the mapreduce command….

MongoDB remove example using Mongo Shell and Java Driver

MongoDB remove method removes a single document or all the documents present in the collection or the documents with specific criteria. The syntax for remove is db.collection.remove( <query>, { justOne: <boolean>, writeConcern: <document> } )….

MongoDB upsert example using Mongo Shell and Java Driver

MongoDB upsert option is used with update method which creates a new document if the query does not retrieve any documents satisfying the criteria. The default value for this option is false. The upsert option….

MongoDB distinct Query

MongoDB distinct method returns a set of discrete values for the field specified as the input argument. Mongo distinct method returns an array of discrete values. MongoDB distinct The syntax for MongoDB distinct method is….

MongoDB exists example using Mongo Shell and Java Driver

This checks the document for the existence of the fields in the specified collection. The syntax is { field: { $exists: <boolean> } } The operator accepts the boolean values of either true or false…..

MongoDB Bulk Insert – MongoDB insertMany

We will look into MongoDB bulk insert today. Multiple documents can be inserted at a time in MongoDB using bulk insert operation where an array of documents is passed to the insert method as parameter…..

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