Primefaces Spring EclipseLink NoSQL with MongoDB & Oracle NoSQL DB

We’ve explored how can we achieve integration between EclipseLink JPA and a well-known Relational Database like MySQL. EclipseLink provides you more than integrating with Relational Databases Platforms, it also has supported MongoDB and Oracle NoSQL….

MongoDB insert

Today we will look into MongoDB insert commands. Mongo Client can be used to insert a document into a collection. We can also insert an array of documents, today we will look into various operations….

Spring Data MongoDB Example

Welcome to Spring Data MongoDB example. Spring Data MongoDB is one of the Spring projects for integrating Spring Framework with most widely used NoSQL database MongoDB. Spring Data MongoDB One of the key benefit of….

MongoDB Java Servlet Web Application Example Tutorial

Welcome to MongoDB Web Application example. Earlier in MongoDB Java Example we learned how to use MongoDB java driver in standalone application. Today we are moving forward to integrate MongoDB in Java Servlet web application…..

MongoDB Java CRUD Example Tutorial

Welcome to MongoDB Java Example Tutorial. Earlier we learned how to install MongoDB in Unix machines and executed some commands from terminal. Today we will look into the MongoDB Java Driver features and how to….

Install MongoDB on Linux

Sometime back I wrote a post on how to install MongoDB on Mac OS X. However most of the development usually happens on Unix/Linux machines. So today we will look into how to install MongoDB….

JDBC Tutorial

Welcome to JDBC tutorial. Java DataBase Connectivity (JDBC) is one of the most widely used API in enterprise applications. This is because most of the applications use some sort of database connectivity. I have recently….

JDBC Interview Questions and Answers

Welcome to JDBC Interview Questions and Answers. JDBC API is used to connect to relational databases and run SQL queries from Java Programs. In the last few articles, we learned about JDBC API and its….

Java PreparedStatement IN clause alternatives

If you are using JDBC API to run queries on database, you should know that PreparedStatement is the better choice than Statement. However since JDBC API allows only one literal for one “?” parameter, PreparedStatement….

Tomcat DataSource JNDI Example in Java

Welcome to Tomcat DataSource JNDI Example Tutorial. We looked at the JDBC DataSource in the last tutorial and learned how to use that in standalone java application. Tomcat DataSource JNDI Actual benefit of DataSource comes….

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