Interview Questions

JSF Interview Questions And Answers

I have written a lot on JSF framework recently, so it’s high time I write one on JSF interview questions and answers. Below is my collection of JSF interview questions with answers. So just go….

Java Heap Space vs Stack – Memory Allocation in Java

Sometime back I wrote a couple of posts about Java Garbage Collection and Java is Pass by Value. After that I got a lot of emails to explain about Java Heap Space, Java Stack Memory,….

40 Common Job Interview Questions and Answer Tips

Every job interview has some common questions that you should be prepared to answer. Having good answer for these questions shows your confidence and communication skills, as well as you can guide the interview by….

Java is Pass by Value and Not Pass by Reference

One of the biggest confusion in Java programming language is whether java is Pass by Value or Pass by Reference. I ask this question a lot in interviews and still see the interviewee confused with….

Hibernate Interview Questions and Answers

Hibernate is one of the most widely used ORM tool for Java applications. It’s used a lot in enterprise applications for database operations. So I decided to write a post about hibernate interview questions to….

Spring Interview Questions and Answers

Spring Interview Questions and Answers

I have posted a lot of Spring Tutorials recently. This post will help you get through Spring interview Questions explaining the core concepts in detail. Spring Framework is one of the most popular Java EE….

JDBC Interview Questions and Answers

Welcome to JDBC Interview Questions and Answers. JDBC API is used to connect to relational databases and run SQL queries from Java Programs. In the last few articles, we learned about JDBC API and its….

Core Java Interview Question Answers

Top 100+ Core Java Interview Questions

Core Java interview questions help you in preparing for java based interviews. Whether you are a fresher or highly experienced professional, core java plays a vital role in any Java/JEE interview. Core Java is the….

Struts2 Interview Questions and Answers

Struts2 is one of the famous framework for developing web application in java. Recently I have wrote a lot of Struts2 Tutorials and in this post, I am listing down some of the important Struts2….

Java Exception Interview Questions and Answers

Java provides a robust and object-oriented approach to handle exception scenarios known as Java Exception Handling. Sometime back I wrote a long post on Exception Handling in Java and today I am listing some important….

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