iOS UITableView with Multiple Cell Types

In this tutorial, we’ll be developing an iOS Application using Swift that has a single iOS UITableView with two different types of UITableViewCells. Multiple Cells inside a TableView are commonly seen in the Facebook newsfeed….

iOS Custom TableView With Images and Checkmarks

In this tutorial, we’ll be developing an iOS Application that contains a custom TableView with cells having a custom layout inclusive of images, label and a checkmark. Let’s create a new SingleView Application project and….

iOS UISearchController with UITableView

In this tutorial, we’ll be developing an application that implements a search function over a TableView using UISearchController. We’ve done something similar in an Android Tutorial here. UISearchController UISearchController contains a protocol UISearchResultsUpdating which informs….

iOS TableView, UITableView without Storyboard

Today we will implement iOS TableView UITableView class in our application without using Storyboard. We have implemented a UITableView using Storyboards in Objective-C here. We’ll use Swift 3 in this tutorial. iOS TableView UITableView There….

iOS AutoLayout Even Spacing Using Spacer Views

This is the second tutorial in the series of iOS AutoLayout tutorial. In the first tutorial we looked into the basic features of AutoLayout and played around with them on a UIButton in the Interface….

iOS AutoLayout Xcode Constraints Tutorial

Today we will look into iOS AutoLayout in Xcode. We’ll implement and use AutoLayout and Constraint in our storyboards. These components are vital in keeping the storyboards designs consistent across screens of all sizes, by….

iOS UICollectionView Example Tutorial

In this tutorial we’ll look into iOS UICollectionView component and develop a basic application out of it. UICollectionView UICollectionView is similar to UITableView except the fact that it’s more customisable. The main difference between a….

iOS Property List (plist) Example

There are many better ways to keep persistent data in our application rather than hardcoding the static texts. Three commonly used ways are NSUserDefaults, CoreData, plist. We’ll discuss and implement plist in this tutorial. iOS….

iOS Navigation Controller And Segues

In this tutorial we’ll discuss and implement iOS UI Navigation Controller. It’s another common UI element that’s used as the base for many iOS apps. iOS Navigation Controller A Navigation Controller also holds a UIView….

iOS Tab Bar Controller with Storyboards

In this tutorial we’ll look into another type of view controller namely Tab Bar Controller. At the same time we’ll give the Storyboards a more closer look. Overview The UITabBar component is typically located at….

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