Java EE

JSP Action Tags – jsp useBean, include, forward

JSP provides a bunch of standard action tags that we can use for specific tasks such as working with java bean objects, including other resources, forward the request to another resource etc. JSP action tags….

JSP Expression Language – JSP EL Example Tutorial

Today we will look into JSP Expression Language or JSP EL Example tutorial. JSP Expression Language – JSP EL Most of the times we use JSP for view purposes and all the business logic is….

JSP Exception Handling – JSP Error Page

Exception handling in JSP is done by JSP exception pages. Exception Handling in JSP Sometime back I wrote a post about Servlet Exception Handling and why do we need it. Same explanation is also applicable….

JSP Directives – page, include and taglib example

JSP Directives are used to give special instruction to container for translation of JSP to Servlet code. JSP Directives are placed between <%@ %>. JSP Directives JSP provides three directives for us to use; JSP….

JSP Implicit Objects

JSP Implicit Objects are very useful for developers. This is the second post in the series of JSP Tutorials, you might want to check out earlier post about JSP Tutorial for Beginners. JSP Implicit Objects….

JSP Example Tutorial for Beginners

Welcome to the JSP Example Tutorial for Beginners. In last few posts, a wrote a lot about Java Servlet and got very good response from our readers. So I have started another series on JSP….

Servlet Interview Questions

50 Servlet Interview Questions and Answers

Servlets is a very important topic of Java EE and all of the web applications frameworks such as Spring and Struts is built on top of it. This makes servlet interview questions a hot topic….

Async Servlet Example

Async servlet was introduced in Servlet 3. It’s a great way to deal with thread starvation problem with long running threads. Async Servlet Before we jump into understanding what Async Servlet is, let’s try to….

Servlet JDBC Database Connection Example

Servlet JDBC Database connection and Log4j integration is the topic of this tutorial. We have provided a lot of tutorials on servlets in java, this tutorial is aimed to use all of those information to….

Servlet Exception and Error Handling Example Tutorial

Today we will look into Servlet Exception and Error Handling. Sometime back I wrote a post about Exception Handling in Java but when it comes to web application, we need more than normal exception handling….

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