How to Install Java on Linux Mint

In this tutorial we will learn how to install Java on Linux mint. Java is a very popular language when it comes to programming. It is a common language for android development and other enterprise….

String To Integer

How to Convert String to Integer in Java

Strings and integers are two different data types in Java. Strings in Java stores multiple characters together. Integer stores….well, integers. Converting String to Integer in Java Sometimes strings can contain numbers as characters. This is….


Java Naming Conventions

While writing code in Java, it is advisable to follow certain naming conventions. Java naming conventions bring some form of uniformity across your code. It makes your code easy to read for other developers. Although….

Unreachable Statement In Java

Unreachable Statement in Java

An unreachable statement in Java is a compile-time error. This error occurs when there is a statement in your code that will not be executed even once. This error points out a logical flaw in….


Java Sudoku Solver Program

Remember Sudoku sections from newspapers? That grid-like puzzle filled with numbers. Sudoku is a logic-based, combinatorial number-placement puzzle. In classic sudoku, the objective is to fill a 9×9 grid with digits so that each column,….


How to Remove Array Elements in Java

When we create an array in Java, we specify its data type and size. This is used by JVM to allocates the necessary memory for array elements. There are no specific methods to remove elements….

Sequential Search

Sequential Search in Java

A sequential search is a straight forward way to look for an element in a collection. This type of search uses a loop to go over each element one by one and see if it….

System.exit() in java

System.exit() in Java

The System.exit() method terminates the Java virtual machine. This method takes an argument, which is the status code passed to the caller. A status code of zero signifies a normal exit whereas a status code….

Set to List in Java

How to Convert Set to List in Java

Lists in Java are ordered collection of data, whereas sets are an unordered collection of data. A list can have duplicate entries, a set can not. Both the data structures are useful in different scenarios…..

Pair Class in Java

What is a Pair Class in Java?

Java Pair class stores two values in the form of a tuple. This can be useful to get a function to return two values. Java has an inbuilt Pair class from Java 8 onwards. That….

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