TestNG Tutorials

TestNG Maven Surefire Plugin Configurations

TestNG Maven surefire plugin configurations let us define which tests to execute when we run the maven build. When we have a large project with many test cases, then it comes handy to configure only….


TestNG XML file allows us to configure a test suite and execute it from the command line or ant script. When we execute a TestNG test through Eclipse or through maven build, HTML reports are….

TestNG Parameters – DataProvider and XML

TestNG methods can have arguments also. There are two ways we can inject method arguments: Using @DataProvider annotation – I have explained about it in TestNG DataProvider tutorial. Using @Parameters annotation – this annotation allows….

TestNG Eclipse Plugin

TestNG Eclipse plugin helps us in creating TestNG classes easily and executing them. Let’s see how to install “TestNG for Eclipse” plugin in Eclipse IDE. TestNG Eclipse Plugin Open Eclipse and go to Help |….

Running TestNG Tests from Java Main Method

TestNG tests are executed automatically when we build a maven project. We can also run TestNG tests using Eclipse plugin. What if we don’t have the TestNG plugin installed for our IDE and we want….

TestNG DataProvider

DataProvider is one of the best features of TestNG framework. We can use TestNG DataProvider to inject arguments into our test methods. TestNG DataProvider TestNG DataProvider helps us in creating loosely coupled test cases. We….

TestNG Listeners

TestNG Listeners are used to inspect and modify the testing behavior. TestNG listeners always extend org.testng.ITestNGListener marker interface. TestNG listeners can be defined for a test class using org.testng.annotations.Listeners annotation. TestNG Listeners There are many….

TestNG @Factory Annotation

TestNG @Factory annotation is used to specify a method as a factory for providing objects to be used by TestNG for test classes. The method marked with @Factory annotation should return Object array. TestNG @Factory….

TestNG Tutorial

TestNG is a testing framework for Java application that is inspired from JUnit and NUnit. TestNG TestNG provides many features that makes it easy to write and run test cases: Annotation based Plugins for major….

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