jQuery window resize

jQuery resize() function triggers when the browser window is resized. jQuery resize function attaches a handler, which executes when the resize event is fired. jQuery resize The syntax for using jQuery resize(): resize() This signature….

jQuery keyup event

jQuery keyup is one of the keyboard event methods. Other jQuery keyboard event methods are keydown() and keypress(). jQuery keyup jQuery keyup method triggers when you release the pressed key. You can attach functions to….

jQuery hover()

jQuery hover() function fires when the mouse pointer enters and leaves the selected HTML element. jQuery hover function will attach two event handlers to execute when the mouse enters and leaves the element. jQuery hover The….

jQuery mouseover, mouseenter, mouseup, mousedown, mousemove, mouseleave

Earlier we saw examples of jQuery click and jQuery double click events. They are categorised as jQuery mouse events. Today we will look into six more jQuery mouse events that you can use for various….

jQuery Double Click

jQuery dblclick() function fires when an HTML element is double clicked. This method will attach an event handler to the double click event. We can do desired manipulations on the selected HTML element using the….

jQuery click()

jQuery click() method fires on clicking an HTML element. This method will attach an event handler to the click event. We can do desired manipulations on the selected HTML element using this event handler. jQuery….

jQuery Event Methods Overview

jQuery API provides different event methods to interact with the browser. jQuery event method registers an event handler when the user interacts with the web pages. We can make any manipulations on the selected element….

jQuery Thumbnail Image Slider – CSS, JavaScript

In continuation with the tutorial on “Creating your own Content-Slider with Pagination using jQuery/CSS“, today we’ll learn something eye catchy with our new article in “Sliders” series. This tutorial explains how to create jQuery thumbnail….

10 jQuery Image Slider Plugins for Awesome Design

The introduction of jQuery has contributed a lot in making the overall process of website design easier, faster and reliable. As a fantastic designing library, it provides all the tools and resources that help in….

HTML5 Progress Bar

The impressive growth of HTML5 has put forth a myriad of new interesting tools and elements through which we can revamp the overall look and functionality of a website. And one of them is HTML5….

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