Kotlin Visibility Modifiers – public, protected, internal, private

In this tutorial, we’ll be discussing the various Visibility Modifiers available in Kotlin programming. Kotlin Visibility Modifiers Visibility Modifiers are modifiers that when appended to a class/interface/property/function in Kotlin, would define where all it is….

Android ToggleButton using Kotlin

In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to implement Android ToggleButton using Kotlin. We will learn how to create custom toggle buttons and how do they work. What is Android ToggleButton? Android ToggleButton widget is used….

Android RadioButton, RadioGroup Using Kotlin

In this tutorial, we’ll be discussing and implementing RadioButton and RadioGroups in our Android Application using Kotlin. Android RadioButton A RadioButton is a widget which can be set to checked or an unchecked state. Once….

Android ImageView, ImageButton using Kotlin

In this tutorial, we’ll discuss and implement ImageView and ImageButton in our android application using Kotlin code. What is Android ImageView? ImageView is a subclass of the View class in Android. It is used to….

Android TableLayout

Android TableLayout is used to create grids on the screen. It’s one of the ViewGroup classes, which is used to create a table on the screen. Android TableLayout As the name suggests, TableLayout is used….

Android ViewGroup

Android ViewGroup class is used to create the screen views. In this tutorial, we will learn about the ViewGroup and look at some simple examples. What is an Android ViewGroup? A ViewGroup is a container….


Kotlin Inline Function, Reified Parameters

In this tutorial, we’ll be looking into Kotlin inline function. We’ll follow that with Reified Type Parameters. Kotlin inline functions We’ve discussed Kotlin Higher Order Functions and Lambda Expressions before. They’re super useful in passing….

kotlin print statments escaping

Kotlin print(), println(), readLine(), Scanner, REPL

Today we will learn how to use Kotlin print functions and how to get and parse user input from console. Furthermore, we’ll look into Kotlin REPL. Kotlin Print Functions To output something on the screen….


Kotlin Inheritance

Continuing with our series of Kotlin tutorials, today we’ll look into inheritance in Kotlin Classes. Let’s get started by creating a new IntelliJ IDEA Kotlin project. Kotlin Inheritance Inheritance is the concept of creating class….

kotlin smart casts

Kotlin Type Checking, Kotlin Type Casting

Today we will look into Kotlin type checking and smart type casting. We will use Kotlin Online playground for code snippets. Kotlin Type Checking Type Checking is the way to check the type of a….

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