Kotlin Web Application Tutorial

In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to create Kotlin Web Application. We assume that you’re well versed with Java EE and Kotlin before going down the business end of this tutorial. Kotlin Web Application Java….

Kotlin Null Safety – Kotlin Nullable

In this tutorial, we’ll look into Kotlin Null Safety. NullPointerException is one of the most common type of bugs any programmer witnesses in their projects. Let’s see how Kotlin deals with it. Kotlin Null Safety….

Kotlin Array

In this tutorial, we’ll look into Kotlin array. If you’re a new to Kotlin, it’s recommended to go through the Introduction to Kotlin tutorial to ensure that you’re upto speed with this tutorial. Kotlin Array….

Kotlin String

In this tutorial, we’ll be discussing at length an important data type of Kotlin, namely Kotlin String. It’s recommended to read Introduction to Kotlin tutorial before proceeding ahead. Kotlin String String is an array of….

Kotlin Properties, Data Types, Operators

In this tutorial, we’ll be digging deep into the basic fundamental blocks of Kotlin, namely Kotlin Properties and Data Types. If you aren’t aware of Kotlin, it’s recommended to go through the introductory post, before….


Ever since Google has made Kotlin an official language for Android, the programming language is becoming increasingly popular among developers all around the globe. Some of the questions are: What’s new in Kotlin? Who introduced….

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