Apache Maven is an open-source project management and comprehension tool for Java-based projects. Maven is build on the concept of project object model (POM). Maven is used for project build, dependency management, installing and deploying the build to local and remote repositories.

Apache Maven Dependency Tree

Maven Dependency Tree – Resolving Conflicts

Maven Dependency Tree is very helpful in understanding the project dependencies and resolving any conflicts because of different versions of a dependency. How to get the Maven Dependency Tree of a Project We can run….

Maven Repositories

Maven Repository – A Brief Guide

What is a Maven Repository? A maven repository is a central location that holds build artifacts and their metadata. What are the different types of Maven Repositories? There are two types of maven repositories. Local….

Using Maven in Eclipse IDE

Eclipse IDE has fantastic support for Maven. We can easily create maven projects, build, deploy, and run it using the Eclipse GUI based interface. In this tutorial, we will learn how to use maven in….

Creating Java Project Maven Archetypes

Creating a Java Project using Maven Archetypes

There are many ways to create a maven project. We can use built-in plugins from the popular IDEs such as Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA. We can also create a maven project from the command line…..

Install Maven Linux

How to Install Maven on Linux (Ubuntu)

We can install Maven on Linux in a few simple steps. The first step is to install JDK because Maven needs it to execute. In this tutorial, we will learn how to install Maven in….

Install Maven Windows

How to Install Maven on Windows

Apache Maven is the most popular project management tool for Java applications. We can install maven on any operating system. Installing Maven on Windows Maven requires JDK to execute. Maven 3.3+ requires JDK 1.7 or….

tomcat7-maven-plugin – Tomcat Maven Plugin to Deploy WAR

Today we will look into the Tomcat Maven Plugin (tomcat7-maven-plugin) that helps us in deploying our WAR files to Tomcat easily. Tomcat Maven Deploy Recently I was developing a web application and after doing the….

Install Maven Mac

How to Install Maven on Mac OS

Install Maven on Mac Maven is the most widely used build and project dependency management tool for Java-based applications. We can install Maven on Mac OS using a package manager such as HomeBrew or through….

jaxb2-maven-plugin XJC example to Generate Java Classes from XSD

Today we will look into jaxb2-maven-plugin XJC example to generate java classes from XSD. JAXB is the middleware technology between Java Classes and XML. We can use JAXB to generate XML from Java Object and….

How to fix maven Out of Memory issue

Recently I started working on a huge project that was using Maven as a build and deployment tool. When I tried to build the project, I got the ugly java.lang.OutOfMemoryError. To fix this, you will….

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