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Java DES Algorithm Program

Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) provides framework and implementation for generating key and encryption/decryption of data using various algorithms. In this tutorial, we will use Java DES implementation to encrypt and decrypt a file. DES is….

Java Collections

Collections in Java – 13 Things You MUST Know

Java Collections Framework is one of the core parts of the Java programming language. Collections are used in almost every programming language. Most of the programming languages support various type of collections such as List,….

CopyOnWriteArrayList in Java

CopyOnWriteArrayList in Java is a thread safe implementation of List interface. CopyOnWriteArrayList was added in Java 1.5 and part of Collections framework. Java ArrayList and ConcurrentModificationException ArrayList is one of the basic implementations of List….

Java varargs

Java varargs was introduced in Java 1.5. Java varargs is also known as java variable arguments. Java varargs varargs in java enables a method to accept variable number of arguments. We use three dots (…)….

Java XML Parser

Java XML parser is used to work with xml data. XML is widely used technology to transport or store data. That’s why there are many java xml parsers available. Java XML Parser Some of the….

Java Convert String to XML Document and XML Document to String

Sometimes while programming in java, we get String which is actually an XML and to process it, we need to convert it to XML Document (org.w3c.dom.Document). Also for debugging purpose or to send to some….

JAXB Example Tutorial

Welcome to JAXB Example Tutorial. Java Architecture for XML Binding (JAXB) provides API for converting Object to XML and XML to Object easily. JAXB was developed as a separate project but it was used widely….

XMLStreamWriter Java StAX

In last post we learned how to use Java StAX Iterator API to write XML, here we will use StAX cursor API to write XML file. XMLStreamWriter Java StAX Cursor API is very straight forward….

Java StAX Cursor Based API Read XML Example

Java StAX API provides two XML processing API – cursor based and iterator based. Earlier we saw examples of iterator based API to read XML file and write XML file. Here we will learn how….

JDOM Edit XML File Example

JDOM provides very neat way to manipulate XML files, using JDOM is very easy and the code looks clean and readable. Earlier we saw how to read XML using JDOM and how to write XML….

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