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Creating your own Content-Slider with Pagination using jQuery/CSS

This Article is in continuation with the tutorial on “Creating Photo-Slider using CSS and jQuery” in “Sliders” series. This will cover following topics in order:- Contents at a glance… What is a Content Slider? Advantage….

jQuery selector

jQuery selector is the most significant element in the jQuery library. The main tasks we do in the jQuery are selecting DOM elements and manipulate the elements to carry out the intended actions. jQuery selector….

jQuery select by Name

jQuery select by name or jQuery element selector allows us to find all HTML elements with the given tag name. You can do any sort of manipulation like animating or any other special effects after….

jQuery select by id

jQuery select by ID allows you to find a specific HTML element with the value of its attribute – “id”. You can select and do the intended action on an element by making its id….

jQuery select by class

jQuery select by class name allows us to find a specific HTML element with the value of its class attribute. jQuery select by class Here is the general syntax for using the jQuery select by class….

jQuery document ready

I am sure you have seen jQuery document ready function many times. $(document).ready() specify the jQuery function to operate after the Document Object Model (DOM) is completely loaded. jQuery document ready We must make sure….

Primefaces Radio Button, Checkbox Example

Primefaces Radio Button and checkbox are select elements. Below are the primefaces components for different kinds of radio button and checkbox implementations. SelectBooleanButton SelectBooleanCheckbox SelectCheckboxMenu SelectManyButton SelectManyCheckbox SelectManyMenu SelectOneButton SelectOneListbox SelectOneMenu SelectOneRadio Let’s explore these….

MongoDB update

MongoDB update is used to update document in a collection. In last tutorial, we learned about MongoDB insert with Mongo Shell and Java driver. Today we will look into MongoDB update and different options provided….

Primefaces Utilities, RequestContext, EL Functions, Dialog Framework & Search Expression Framework

Primefaces is a leading JSF library, it provides vast amount of components and facilitates so many kind of utilities and frameworks. This tutorial will highlight the most beneficial utilities and frameworks as well as explain….

Top 10 Free WordPress Themes of 2014

This year we’ve seen hundreds of new WordPress themes, both free and premium, but unfortunately not all of them are that great. So we decided to point you in the right direction and made a….

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