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How to run JAR File

Today we will learn how to run JAR File in java. In last tutorial we learned how to create jar file. Here we will learn how to run jar file from command line and some….

How to create JAR from Java Classes

Java Archive (JAR) files allows us to bundle multiple files in a single archive. Usually jar files contain class files and some other files like property files, images, applets etc. We all have used jar….

Java Collections Interview Questions

40 Java Collections Interview Questions and Answers

Java Collections Framework is one of the core APIs of java programming language. It’s one of the important topics for java interview questions. Here I am listing some important java collections interview questions and answers….

Composition in Java Example

Composition in java is the design technique to implement has-a relationship in classes. We can use java inheritance or Object composition in java for code reuse. Composition in Java Java composition is achieved by using….

Java String Interview Questions and Answers

String is one of the most widely used Java Class. Here I am listing some important Java String Interview Questions and Answers. This will be very helpful to get complete knowledge of String and tackle….

How to generate XSD from Java Class

In last few posts, we learned about Java JAXB and how to generate java class from XSD. Today we will learn how to generate XSD from java classes. Generate XSD from Java Class We will….

jaxb2-maven-plugin XJC example to Generate Java Classes from XSD

Today we will look into jaxb2-maven-plugin XJC example to generate java classes from XSD. JAXB is the middleware technology between Java Classes and XML. We can use JAXB to generate XML from Java Object and….

Java DES Algorithm Program

Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) provides framework and implementation for generating key and encryption/decryption of data using various algorithms. In this tutorial, we will use Java DES implementation to encrypt and decrypt a file. DES is….

Java Collections

Collections in Java – 13 Things You MUST Know

Java Collections Framework is one of the core parts of the Java programming language. Collections are used in almost every programming language. Most of the programming languages support various type of collections such as List,….

CopyOnWriteArrayList in Java

CopyOnWriteArrayList in Java is a thread safe implementation of List interface. CopyOnWriteArrayList was added in Java 1.5 and part of Collections framework. Java ArrayList and ConcurrentModificationException ArrayList is one of the basic implementations of List….

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