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Enterprise Mobility Makes Your Business Flexible

Mobility at present has no boundary; it is no more limited to working while traveling. Processes, applications, employees and the information are more important that will help to respond quickly as it is essential for the existing market. Enterprise mobility is widely used by the organization because it ensures better productivity and more customer satisfaction. It improves the quality of your work through mobile communication. With the emergence of technology, the features of the PC are easily found in the mobile phones which had brought a revolution in the information technology industries. Customers can easily get the accessibility of any services that they are in need off. Mobilizing the enterprise is a complex process for the IT organization. Complications that might arise lack of integrated solutions, lack of repeatable development and deployment models etc.

6 CSS Sprites Generator Online Tools

Few days back, I wanted to use Twitter icon from one of my other websites but I was not able to save it from the web page. Then I looked into the page source and found that its using CSS Sprites to display all the social bookmarking images from a single large image. So my WordPress theme is using CSS Sprites for faster page loading and I was totally unaware of that. Then I decided to learn it and how to use it in a webpage.

I was amazed to find out that there are so many online tools to create CSS Sprite image and provides CSS Code to use them. Some of them even went a further step to provide a sample HTML page to make the learning more comfortable.

30 Web Designing Tutorial PDFs FREE Download

Few months back when I posted a huge list of HTML5 tutorials, it got a lot of buzz and many of us bookmarked and shared it. I consider myself as a newbie in the web designing world and to learn web designing I have collected a lot of Online tutorials and some of the eBooks that are free.

There is so much of information about web designing scattered everywhere in the internet in the form of blog posts, case studies and online resources. Here I am sharing my huge collection of free online books and free pdf eBooks that you can download and learn a lot from it.


Java Collection classes are fail-fast which means that if the Collection will be changed while some thread is traversing over it using iterator, the will throw ConcurrentModificationException. This situation can come in case of multithreaded as well as single threaded environment.

How to Embed YouTube Video in PowerPoint, Email, HTML, Blogger, WordPress Blog

YouTube is one of the biggest resource of online Videos. People create videos and then upload it on YouTube. After that they can share the link through mails to their friends. However, sometime we need to embed the YouTube video in our PowerPoint presentations, emails or to our HTML, Blogger or WordPress based websites. Here we will learn how to do these one by one.

Java Programming Interview Questions

Java Programming Interview Questions

Recently I am taking a lot of interview for my organization. So I was in the search of some java programming test questions that are little bit tricky also.

Here I am providing five of the tricky questions I found interesting and need a closer look to understand. The explanation will be provided after the questions. Test your knowledge of java by trying to provide the answer of the below test questions.

Java Classloader

Java ClassLoader

The Java ClassLoader is one of the crucial but rarely used components of Java in Project Development. Personally I have never extended ClassLoader in any of my projects but the idea of having my own ClassLoader that can customize the Java Class Loading thrills me.

This article will provide an overview of Java Class Loading and then move forward to create a custom ClassLoader and use it.
What is a ClassLoader?

We know that Java Program runs on Java Virtual Machine (JVM). When we compile a Java Class, it transforms it in the form of bytecode that is platform and machine independent compiled program and store it as a .class file. After that when we try to use a Class, Java ClassLoader loads that class into memory.

There are three types of built-in Class Loaders in Java:

1. Bootstrap Class Loader – It loads JDK internal classes, typically loads rt.jar and other core classes for example java.lang.* package classes
2. Extensions Class Loader – It loads classes from the JDK extensions directory, usually $JAVA_HOME/lib/ext directory.
3. System Class Loader – It loads classes from the current classpath that can be set while invoking a program using -cp or -classpath command line options.

Java Class Loaders are hierarchical and whenever a request is raised to load a class, it delegates it to its parent and in this way uniqueness is maintained in the runtime environment. If the parent class loader doesn’t find the class then the class loader itself tries to load the class.

java read file, read file in java

Java Read File

In my last post, I was going through with different options we have for SimpleDateFormat. Today I am providing a program for reading file in Java.

I am using BufferedReader for reading the file because it buffers the input from the specified file. Without buffering, each invocation of read() or readLine() could cause bytes to be read from the file, converted into characters, and then returned, which can be very inefficient.

Here I am providing three functions.

1. Read complete file as String
2. Read file line by line and return list of String
3. Count the occurrence of a String in the given file.

SimpleDateFormat Example with Formats, Patterns and Date Conversion

SimpleDateFormat is the Java class for formatting and parsing dates with Locale support. You can format date to text and vice-versa using SimpleDateFormat class.

This class is very useful in formatting date to display in UI in specific pattern. SimpleDateFormat is the concrete class that extends DateFormat abstract class.

Date and Time formats are specified by patterns, which are nothing but a String. In pattern every letter has its specific meaning. For example, y is for year, M is for month in year and m is for minutes in Hour.

In the below attached code, we will see the different usage of SimpleDateFormat class with different string patterns.

AXIS2 Web Services Tutorial

Recently I was trying to upgrade my Apache Axis2 skills from 1.3 to latest version 1.5.4 and I was not able to find out any tutorial that is self-explanatory and covering the latest release. So it forms the basis of my post for Axis2 Web Services Tutorial.
Who Should Use This Tutorial

This tutorial is intended for Java programmers who are interested in developing and deploying Web Services using Apache Axis2.

The scope of this tutorial is to use Axis2 for creating web services and invoking the web service using Java client program and testing web service using Soap UI tool. Basic understanding of Java, Web Services, XML, Ant and application server (Tomcat) is required to understand the tutorial with ease.

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