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Hibernate SessionFactory

Hibernate SessionFactory is the factory class through which we get sessions and perform database operations. Hibernate SessionFactory Hibernate SessionFactory provides three methods through which we can get Session object – getCurrentSession(), openSession() and openStatelessSession(). Hibernate….

Hibernate Session merge, update, save, saveOrUpdate, persist example

Hibernate Session is the interface between java application and hibernate framework. Today we will look into Session important methods for saving and updating data in tables – save, saveOrUpdate, persist, update and merge. Hibernate Session….

Primefaces Wizard Component Example

Primefaces Wizard Component provides an ajax enhanced UI to implement a workflow easily in a single page. Wizard consists of several child tab components where each tab represents a step in the process. Primefaces Wizard….

[Solved] org.hibernate.AnnotationException: No identifier specified for entity Class

Recently I was working on a hibernate project and I have added few entity beans, when executed I got below exception stack trace. Initial SessionFactory creation No identifier specified for entity: com.journaldev.hibernate.model.Address org.hibernate.AnnotationException: No….

Hibernate Session get() vs load() difference with examples

Hibernate Session provide different methods to fetch data from database. Two of them are – get() and load(). There are also a lot of overloaded methods for these, that we can use in different circumstances…..

Hibernate Named Query Example – @NamedQuery

Welcome to Hibernate Named Query Example Tutorial. We saw how we can use HQL and Native SQL Query in Hibernate. If there are a lot of queries, then they will cause a code mess because….

Primefaces BlockUI Component Example Tutorial

Primefaces BlockUI is used to block interactivity of JSF components with optional ajax integration. Primefaces BlockUI Tag BlockUI Component Class org.primefaces.component.blockui.BlockUI Component Type org.primefaces.component.BlockUI Component Family org.primefaces.component Renderer Type org.primefaces.component.BlockUIRenderer Renderer Class org.primefaces.component.blockui.BlockUIRenderer Primefaces BlockUI Attributes Name….

Hibernate Native SQL Query Example

Welcome to the Hibernate Native SQL Query example tutorial. We looked into Hibernate Query Language and Hibernate Criteria in earlier articles, today we will look into Hibernate Native SQL query with examples. Hibernate SQL Query….

Primefaces Themes

Today we will look into Primefaces Themes. Primefaces is integrated with powerful ThemeRoller CSS framework. Currently there are 30+ pre-designed Primefaces free themes that you can preview and download from Primefaces theme gallery. Primefaces Themes….

Spring MVC @RequestMapping Annotation Example with Controller, Methods, Headers, Params, @RequestParam, @PathVariable

@RequestMapping is one of the most widely used Spring MVC annotation. org.springframework.web.bind.annotation.RequestMapping annotation is used to map web requests onto specific handler classes and/or handler methods. @RequestMapping can be applied to the controller class as….

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