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How to Install Apache, PHP and MySql on Mac OS X

I have been writing blogs for a long time now and playing around with Apache and PHP every once in a while to change my Web Host server settings or to make some changes in….

Credit Card Check Digit Generator Java Program

In the last post, we saw that Credit Card numbers are not random and it can be validated using Luhn Algorithm and I wrote a java program for credit card number validation. A credit card….

Java Credit Card Validation – Luhn Algorithm in Java

Recently I came to know that Credit Card numbers are not random and passes Luhn Algorithm test. Java Credit Card Validation Any credit card number should pass following test: From the rightmost digit, we should….

Prototype Design Pattern in Java

Prototype design pattern is one of the Creational Design pattern, so it provides a mechanism of object creation. Prototype Design Pattern Prototype design pattern is used when the Object creation is a costly affair and….

Java Immutable Class – Builder Pattern

In my last post, I explained about Builder Pattern in Java. Sometime back I wrote an article about how to create immutable class in java. In this post, we will learn how easy it’s to….

Builder Design Pattern in Java

Today we will look into Builder pattern in java. Builder design pattern is a creational design pattern like Factory Pattern and Abstract Factory Pattern. Builder Design Pattern Builder pattern was introduced to solve some of….

Abstract Factory Design Pattern in Java

Welcome to Abstract Factory Design Pattern in java example. Abstract Factory design pattern is one of the Creational patterns. Abstract Factory pattern is almost similar to Factory Pattern except the fact that its more like….

How to create Oracle Type Object

Today we will learn how to create Oracle Type Object. If you are working on a large project with lots of tables and data, you might have seen the usage of Packages and DB Objects….

How to SSH Login without password using key pair

In last post we saw how to use Expect Script for login to remote server using SSH. The problem with Expect script is that your password is written in a normal text file and can….

Expect Script SSH Example Tutorial

Expect script is a great linux/unix utility. I have to deal with a lot of unix servers in my daily life, whether it’s at work or it’s my hosting server. So I need to remember….

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