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Unique Function In R

The unique() function in R programming

The unique() function in R is used to eliminate or delete the duplicate values or the rows present in the vector, data frame, or matrix as well. The unique() function found its importance in the….


SQL LIMIT Clause – A Comprehensive Guide

Hey, readers. In this article, we will be focusing on SQL LIMIT clause in detail. So, let us begin. Working of SQL LIMIT clause Before beginning with the concept of SQL LIMIT, I would want….

Conversion Between Miles And Km

Convert Kilometers to Miles using Python

It’s easy to convert kilometers to miles or miles to kilometers in Python. The kilometer is the unit of length in the metric system. However, sometimes length is also expressed in miles. Converting from one….

Compare Two Files

Compare two files in Linux – Using diff, vimdiff, and colordiff

Linux provides you with multiple options to compare two files. The most popular command to compare two files is diff. In this tutorial we will look at diff command and some other options the you….

Vi Vs Vim

Vim vs Vi – Similarities and Differences Between VIM and VI?

Vim and Vi are both text editors available in Linux. Vi stands for Visual since it is a visual editor. Vim is short for Vi Improved. The two editors are very similar to each other…..

Java SQL Blob

Interface Blob is part of java.sql package. Blob is a Java representation of SQL blob datatype. Blob is used to save and retrieve binary data from databases. Blob is supported by ResultSet, PreparedStatement, and CallableStatement…..

Top Best News Apps For Android

Top 10 Best News Apps for Android (2020)

With so much happening around all the time, it’s hard to keep up with the facts. Today we’re exploring the top 10 best news apps for Android in 2020. Let’s get right into it! 10….

C This Pointer

C++ this pointer – A Complete Guide to get started!

Hey folks! Today we will be having a look at an interesting topic in the world of programming — C++ this pointer. So, let us begin! Working of C++ this pointer C++ deals with objects….

Amazon Web Scraper Featured Image

How to scrape Amazon Product Information using Beautiful Soup

Web Scraping is the programming-based technique for extracting relevant information from websites and storing it in the local system for further use. In modern times, web scraping has a lot of applications in the fields….

Best Photo Editing Apps For Android(1)

Top 10 Best Free Photo Editing Apps for Android in 2020

The mobile app world is no longer “only” for basic editing. Today we’re talking about the top 10 best photo editing apps for Android! Mobile apps now share advanced features like color grading, editing RAW….

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