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How to Install and Create a Node Server on Ubuntu VPS

NodeJS is a very popular javascript-based backend framework. In this tutorial, we will run how to install NodeJS on an Ubuntu VPS and then create a simple Node HTTP server and access it through the….

Data Versioning

7 Tools for Data Versioning in 2021

Software development, individually and in a team, is a process fraught with uncertainties鈥攊t strongly obeys Murphy鈥檚 law, which states that if anything can go wrong, it will. Software development is great when everything works as….

Top 10 Azure monitoring tools for modern integration

There are tons of monitoring tools in the market, and each of those will have a specific problem to solve with unique features. So, in this article, I have listed the top Azure monitoring tools….

Understanding Kubernetes Environment Variables

Understanding Kubernetes environment variables

Hello, readers! This article talks about Understanding Kubernetes environment variables with descriptive examples. So, let us begin! 馃檪 Use of environment variables in Kubernetes In the usual programming scenario, we often come across scenarios where….

Nasa Earth

Five Tools That Prioritize Data Warehouse Performance

Introduction All organizations are built on data. And to be successful, every organization must streamline its data in terms of speed and capacity, while also allowing it to accommodate new data kinds as they are….

Select And Filter Using Pandas

Select and Filter Data Using Pandas in Python

As we deal with data all day, we know how good is Pandas library for聽data manipulation聽and analysis in python. Most of our time is being spent on data cleaning and analysis. While analyzing the data….

Geocodes In Python

Geocodes in Python for Distance Measuring

When we think of maps, one word which will hit us first is聽‘location’.聽聽You may wonder how our exact location is being fetched by some of the apps like Google Maps. One more thing is, how….

Data Preprocessing In Python

Data Preprocessing in Python | A quick Introduction

If you are data-savvy, you must have heard a quote –聽“Your model will be as good as your data” and聽“Garbage in = Garbage out”. These are not merely quoted but they stand more than enough….

Tidycharts In R

Tidycharts in R For Unified Data Visualization

As a data analyst or a data visualization professional, my love for data never ends. You may use either python or R for data analysis and visualization, you will always be surprised by many visualization….

Creating A Kubernetes External Load Balancer

Creating a Kubernetes External Load Balancer

Hello, readers! This article talks about Creating a Kubernetes External Load Balancer with demonstrative examples. So, let us begin!! 馃檪 Purpose of a Load Balancer in Kubernetes On a generic scale, a load balancer is….

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