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Friend Function in C++

Friend Function in C++

Friend Functions in C++ are a category of functions that can access private and protected members of a class while being a public function/outside the class. You may wonder; is this even possible? Well, modern….

Bar Plots In R

Creating Bar Plots in R

Bar plots in R are the most frequently used plots in elementary statistics. These consist of horizontal or vertical bars representing a certain quantity associated with each entity in the dataset. For example, attendance days….

The Pop() Method In Python

Python List pop() Method

Introduction Today we’ll be going the Python list pop() method. We generally have various built-in methods to remove or delete any element from a list in Python. We have del, remove(), as well as the….

Foreach Loop In C

The foreach loop in C++

Introduction The foreach loop in C++ or more specifically, range-based for loop was introduced with the C++11. This type of for loop structure eases the traversal over an iterable data set. It does this by….

Python Log

Python log() Functions to Calculate Logarithm

Logarithms are used to depict and represent large numbers. The log is an inverse of the exponent. This article will dive into the Python log() functions. The logarithmic functions of Python help the users to….

Basic Plotting In R

Understanding plot() Function in R – Basics of Graph Plotting

In this tutorial, let us first begin by understanding the basics using the plot() function in R. The R language is well known for its beautiful graphics with a rich set of functions to build….

Queue In C

Creating a Queue in C

A queue in C is basically a linear data structure to store and manipulate the data elements. It follows the order of First In First Out (FIFO). In queues, the first element entered into the….

Pandas Dataframe Index Columns

Pandas DataFrame index and columns attributes

Pandas DataFrame index and columns attributes allow us to get the rows and columns label values. We can pass the integer-based value, slices, or boolean arguments to get the label information. Pandas DataFrame index Let’s….

40+ Web Tools And Services Used By Top Companies and Professionals in 2020

Top companies and professionals are using certain web tools and services, most times solutions that all of us can use but we don’t know about or we don’t know that these are super-efficient. Many times,….

Installing PyTorch

PyTorch Installation on Windows, Linux, and MacOS

The installation of PyTorch is pretty straightforward and can be done on all major operating systems. However, if you want to get your hands dirty without actually installing it, Google Colab provides a good starting….

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