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Java InputStream to File Example

Files can be read using Reader or Stream in java. The Reader is good to use for text data but to work with binary data you should use Stream. FileInputStream is used to open the….

How to get File last modified date in Java

Sometimes we need to get the file last modified date in Java, usually for listeners like JBoss config file changes hot deployment. class lastModified() returns last modified date in long, we can construct date….

How to Check if File exists in Java class exists() method can be used to check if file exists or not in java. If file exists, it returns true else this method returns false. Java Check if File Exists Let’s look at….

How to Check File is Directory or File in java class contains two methods using which we can find out if the file is a directory or a regular file in java. isFile(): This method returns true if file exists and is a regular….

Java System.getProperty()

Java System.getProperty method is very useful to find out the operating system information. Java System.getProperty We can use System.getProperty() method to find out the Operating System information, user home directory, Java runtime version, path separator,….

Modify XML file in Java (DOM Parser)

We can modify XML file in Java using DOM parser. We can add elements, remove elements, edit element values, edit attributes in an XML document in java using DOM Parser. Modify XML File in Java….

How to read XML File in Java (DOM Parser)

Today we will learn how to read the XML file in Java. We will also learn how to parse an XML file in java to object using DOM parser. DOM XML Parser is easiest to….

How to validate XML against XSD in Java

Java XML Validation API can be used to validate XML against XSD in java program. javax.xml.validation.Validator class is used in this program to validate xml against xsd in java. Validate XML against XSD Here are….

How to write XML file in Java using Java StAX Iterator API

Java Streaming API for XML or Java StAX API was introduced in Java 6 and considered superior to DOM and SAX parsers. As explained in earlier post about Java StAX API, it consists of cursor-based….

jQuery Hello World

Today we will look into jQuery Hello World program. In the earlier post, we discussed what is jQuery?. Here we will learn how to download and install it and then run a simple “jQuery Hello….

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