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Kubernetes Pods

Kubernetes Pods – All you need to know!

Hello, readers! In this article, we will be focusing on Kubernetes Pods, in detail. So, let us begin!! 馃檪 What are Pods in Kubernetes? Pods are the smallest deployment or deployable units in Kubernetes within….

Linux Commands Cheat Sheet

Linux Commands Cheat Sheet

This article is a quick Linux Commands cheat sheet designed to give you most of the common commands at a glance. The list is divided into sections that can help you find the command that….

Best Linux Distros For Laptops

Top 7 Best Linux Distros For Laptops

If you’re looking for the best Linux distros for your laptops, look no further. It has been a common myth that Linux-based distros are mainly suited to servers and high-end cloud devices, Linux is perfect….

Essential Linux Apps You Need Today

Top 5 Essential Linux Apps You Need Today

In this module, we are going to discuss 5 essential Linux apps which you need today. These apps are can come in handy to anyone: from the casual daily user to the advanced ones. List….

Nmap Network And Port Scanner

Nmap – Switches and Scan Types in Nmap

Nmap is probably the most famous reconnaissance tool among Pentesters and Hacker. It is essentially a port scanner that helps you scan networks and identify various ports and services available in the network, besides also….

Opencv Part6 Min

Image Processing Series Part 6: Morphological Operations

In this article, we’re talking about Morphological Operations in image processing. A large part of Image Processing tends to fall under the manipulation of images, much like what morphological operations do. These operations can range….

Top 25 Best Paid Android Games

Are you looking for the best-paid Android games? If yes, then you are in the right place. Here we bring you the list of the best 25 paid Android games available on the play store…..

Web Developer Design

How to Be a Web Developer Without a Degree

Web development can be an exciting career field with many opportunities, but in today鈥檚 hyper specialized workplace, it鈥檚 often the case that employers look for degrees to help limit the potential applicant pool. In today鈥檚….

Best Themes For Android

Top 23 Best Themes For Android

Are you looking for the best themes for Android? If yes, then this article is for you. Nowadays everyone is dependent on their mobile phone like never before. It is not just the device anymore…..

Best Battery Saver Apps For Android

Top 22 Best Battery Saver Apps for Android

This article is all about the best battery saver apps for Android One of the main drawbacks of modern android smart devices is their short battery life. There is no one reason for battery drainage…..

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