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The Randint() Method In Python

The randint() Method in Python

Introduction In this tutorial, we are going to focus on the randint() method in Python. In our previous tutorials, we saw different random number generating methods defined inside the random module in our Random Number….

Physical Layer

OSI Model

Open System Interconnection Model (OSI Model) is a 7 layered architecture structure to transmit the data from one point to another point. It is basically a reference model that interprets how the data from one….


Depth First Search (DFS) for a Graph

Depth First Search (DFS) is an algorithm that searches a graph/tree, in a depth-wise manner. There are many ways through which we can traverse through a graph. The two most common methods that we can….

The Apply() Function Family In R

The apply(), sapply(), lapply() and tapply() Functions in R Programming

The family of apply() functions in R is used to apply user-defined functions to the elements of complex structures like matrices, lists or data frames. These functions help a lot in simplifying your code and….

Lists In R

Lists in R Programming

Lists in R can group together different kinds of variables into a single compound structure. For this reason, lists prove very useful in handling data. A list can contain a numeric, integer string, factor or….

Arrays In Shell Scripts

Arrays in Shell Scripts

Knowing how to work with arrays in shell scripts will help you work with larger datasets in a much efficient manner. But what are arrays and how can you create arrays? Let’s find out! What….

Python List Concatenation

Ways to Concatenate Lists in Python

In this tutorial, we will unveil different methods to concatenate lists in Python. Python Lists serve the purpose of storing homogeneous elements and perform manipulations on the same. In general, Concatenation is the process of….

Graph Theory Basics

Basics of Graph Theory

In this article, we’ll touch upon the graph theory basics. Graph Theory is a branch of mathematics that aims at studying problems related to a structure called a Graph. In this article, we will try….


Reverse String in C++

In many situations, we may need to reverse a string in C++ programming. It may include just printing a reversed string. Or maybe in some cases need to reverse the string permanently at its address…..

Data Frames In R

Data frames in R Programming

Let’s continue in our R programming tutorial series, and understand data frames in R. If you have ever handled data in databases, you will be familiar with the idea of records. Records are nothing but….

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