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Top 11 Interview Preparation Books for 2019

Nowadays everybody is consuming a lot of information way too fast. The ways to take care of tasks, difficulties, and problems have been remastered. Now people tend to search for shortcuts to solve their problems…..

Overriding vs Overloading in Java

Overriding and Overloading are the core concepts in Java programming. They are the ways to implement polymorphism in our java programs. Polymorphism is one of the OOPS Concepts. 1. What is Overloading and Overriding? When….

Python Square Root

Python Square Root of a Number

There are many ways to find the square root of a number in Python. Exponent Operator Math.sqrt() function Math.pow() function 1. Using Exponent Operator for Square Root of a Number num = input(“Please enter a….

NumPy sqrt() – Square Root of Matrix Elements

Python NumPy module is used to work with multidimensional arrays and matrix manipulations. We can use NumPy sqrt() function to get the square root of the matrix elements. Python NumPy sqrt() Example import numpy array_2d….

Python Pathlib Module Featured Image

Python pathlib Module – 14 Practical Examples

Python pathlib module provides an object-oriented approach to work with files and directories. The pathlib module has classes to work with Unix as well as Windows environments. The best part is that we don’t have….

How to Read from stdin in Python

There are three ways to read data from stdin in Python. sys.stdin input() built-in function fileinput.input() function 1. Using sys.stdin to read from standard input Python sys module stdin is used by the interpreter for….

Improve Your Business By Using Efficient Web Tools

Everybody is thinking to very difficult solutions to improve their online businesses and projects, but it’s much simpler thank you think to achieve that. You are looking to minimize your work load, to save time,….

How to Get File Extension in Python

We can use Python os module splitext() function to get the file extension. This function splits the file path into a tuple having two values – root and extension. Getting File Extension in Python Here….

How to Get File Size in Python

We can get file size in Python using the os module. File Size in Python The python os module has stat() function where we can pass the file name as argument. This function returns a….

How to Read Large Text Files in Python

Python File object provides various ways to read a text file. The popular way is to use the readlines() method that returns a list of all the lines in the file. However, it’s not suitable….

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