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ReLu Function in Python

Relu or Rectified Linear Activation Function is the most common choice of activation function in the world of deep learning. Relu provides state of the art results and is computationally very efficient at the same time…..

Vector Norm

Norm of a Vector in Python – Steps for Calculation

The norm of a vector refers to the length or the magnitude of a vector. There are different ways to calculate the length. The norm of a vector is a non-negative value. In this tutorial,….

Saas Tech Stack

SaaS Tech Stack: A beginners Guide

Starting any software company from scratch you get a lot of options on how you can build it. As with pretty much anything else there are current trends so-called “experts” adhere to and whichever platform….


A Quick Guide to Random Numbers using Python Numpy

Numpy package offers the random module for the purpose of generating random numbers in Python. In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to use this module. We will learn what all functionalities this….

Computer vision

Python OpenCV – Guide to Image Processing for AI/ML

In this topic, we’ll cover the Python OpenCV library in complete detail. Computer Vision refers to the field of study which deals with how computers perceive images. It involves feeding images into a computer and….


The which() function in R programming

The which() function in R returns the position or the index of the value which satisfies the given condition. The Which() function in R gives you the position of the value in a logical vector…..


The predict() function in R programming

The predict() function in R is used to predict the values based on the input data. All the modeling aspects in the R program will make use of the predict() function in its own way,….


The union() function in R – Eliminate Duplicate Values

The Union() function in the R language is used to unify the data and eliminate the repeated values in it. The function is useful in removing the duplicate records from the data. Syntax of the….

F1 Score

F1 Score – Classification Error Metric

Hey, readers! Today, we will be focusing on an important error metric for Classification Algorithms — F1 Score in Python. So, let us begin! What is F1 score? F1 score is a Classification error metric….

Correlation Between Variables

Correlation Regression Analysis in Python

Hey, folks! In this article, we will be focusing on Correlation Regression analysis to find the correlation between variables in Python. So, let us begin! What is Correlation Regression Analysis? Correlation Regression Analysis is an….

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