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Photo Editing In Python A Simple Automation Script

Photo Editing In Python – A Simple Automation Script

Are you a Pythonista? if yes, then you should have tried many automation sprits using Python. But, have you ever tried photo editing in python?. Yes, using simple python scripts, you can easily edit your….

Top 5 Built In Python Functions For Data Science

Top 5 Built-In Python Functions For Data Science

Most Data Scientists and Analysts use Python and R programming. But, Python, with its flexibility, Simplicity, and Availability of awesome libraries, it’s a go-to language for Data Science. From Analysis to Visualization and Modelling to….

Kaggle Datasets For Your Next Data Science Project

Kaggle Datasets For Your Next Data Science Project

Kaggle’s website is no more a secret. For Data scientists and analysts, it offers thousands of datasets and notebooks along with hosting competitions. For any data science/analysis project, the best you could get is data. So, in….

Intersection Point Of Two Linked Lists

Intersection Point Of Two Linked Lists in C++

In this article, we will learn to find the intersection point of two linked lists using an optimized approach using C++. Linked lists are one of the most important associative data structures that are present….


NFT – A Beginner’s Introduction to Non-Fungible Tokens

NFTs took the blockchain world by storm. Everyone who used to sell art on eBay and Etsy has now moved to creating NFTs. But what is an NFT? How does it work? Is it just….

Software Bot 1

Which Programming Languages to Learn for Bot Coding

Introduction A fast-paced digital world requires smart, efficient work. Although business leaders and traders still focus on the vital few, they are delegating the trivial many not to human beings, but to machines—bots. Some of….

Cryptocurrency Exchange

Top 7 Cryptocurrency Exchanges in India 2022

Looking for the best cryptocurrency Exchanges in India? Cryptocurrencies have been gaining a lot of traction in recent years with more and more people investing in them. India is no different. It has seen a….


Mining Cryptocurrency on Phone – A Complete Guide

Mining cryptocurrency on your phone is a great way to earn some extra income. But there are a few things you need to know before you start mining. In this article, we will guide you….

Crypto Currency

Cryptocurrency Mining – A Complete Guide for Beginners

There’s a lot of buzz around cryptocurrency, blockchain, and the financial returns it offers. You may also come across the term “cryptocurrency mining” a lot. Mining is a highly lucrative opportunity to passively generate some….

Crypto Currency

What is Cryptocurrency? – An Updated Overview

The world of Web 3.0 is ever-changing. One of the front runners in this new digital world is Cryptocurrency. If you are new to the game, don’t worry. Cryptocurrencies are easy to use, even if….

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