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C Function Pointer

Function Pointer in C

A function pointer in C is a pointer that points to a function. The C language has given a way for us to making certain statements execute faster, by allowing us to reference executable code….

String Length In C

String Length in C++

The string length in C++ can be calculated or found by various methods. Here, in this tutorial, we are going to learn all of them. And we would also implement the same through programming in….

Queue In C++

Queue in C++

Introduction We worked on the working as well as the implementation of a Stack in C++ in our previous tutorial. Today in this tutorial, we are going to discuss another data structure, Queue in C++…..

Linux Vim Commands

Top 20 Linux Vim Commands that Boost Productivity

VIM or the Vi Improved text editor is one of the most advanced text editors available. Let’s learn the top 20 best Linux Vim commands that you must know to gain amazing levels of productivity…..

Bubble Sort

Bubble Sort Algorithm

When working with large databases, it is necessary to add the functionality to search for values or find the highest or lowest values from a range of items. The Bubble Sort Algorithm is an algorithm….

Strcpy() In C Programming

strcpy() in C Programming

We earlier learned about strings in C programming in our Strings in C tutorial. Today, we will focus on strcpy() in C programming. The strcpy() function in C Programming The strcpy() function copies the contents….

Malloc And Calloc

malloc() and calloc() in C

We use malloc() and calloc() to dynamically allocate memory on the heap. For a program, static memory allocation is done on its stack, where a predefined amount of memory is reserved for a particular variable…..

What Is Pytorch

What is Pytorch?

Pytorch is an open-source, Python-based machine and deep learning framework, which is being widely used for several natural language processing and computer vision applications. PyTorch was developed by Facebook’s AI Research and is adapted by….

Factors In R

Factors in R

In this tutorial, we’ll move on to understanding factors in R programming. One operation we perform frequently in data science is the estimation of a variable based upon the model we built. We are sometimes….

Realloc() Function In C And C

realloc() in C and C++ Programming

There could be many situations while programming in C or C++ language when you need to dynamically allocate memory. Normally, the compiler during compilation allocates memory for a program. In situations where the computer does….

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