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Calling C Functions from Python

We can call a C function from Python program using the ctypes module. Calling C Function from Python It involves the following steps: Creating a C file (.c extension) with the required functions Creating a….

Gangs of Four (GoF) Design Patterns

Gangs of Four Design Patterns is the collection of 23 design patterns from the book “Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software”. This book was first published in 1994 and it’s one of the most….

Relational Operators in Java

Relational Operators in Java are used to comparing two variables for equality, non-equality, greater than, less than, etc. Java relational operator always returns a boolean value – true or false. Relational Operators in Java Java….

Java List removeAll(Collection) Examples

Java List removeAll() method removes all of its elements that are also present in the given list. The method throws UnsupportedOperationException if the operation is not supported by the list. If the given collection is….

Java List remove() Methods – ArrayList remove()

Java List remove() method is used to remove elements from the list. ArrayList is the most widely used implementation of the List interface, so the examples here will use ArrayList remove() methods. Java List remove()….

Java Stream distinct() Function to Remove Duplicates

Java Stream distinct() method returns a new stream of distinct elements. It’s useful in removing duplicate elements from the collection before processing them. Java Stream distinct() Method The elements are compared using the equals() method…..

Merge Sort Algorithm – Java, C, and Python Implementation

Merge sort is one of the most efficient sorting algorithms. It works on the principle of Divide and Conquer based on the idea of breaking down a list into several sub-lists until each sublist consists….

Java Stream forEach() and forEachOrdered() Methods

Java Stream forEach() and forEachOrdered() are terminal operations. The forEach() method is used to perform an action on each elements of the stream. If the forEach() method is used with parallel stream, the encounter order….

Linux SCP Command to Transfer Files Securely

As a Linux user or Systems administrator, transferring files in a secure manner between different Linux systems is crucial. This safeguards vital information which could be intercepted and stolen by hackers. In this guide, you….

Linux passwd command – Change User Password

Introduction Linux passwd command changes a user’s password. A user can only change his/her own password but the root/superuser may change any user’s password. Let’s look at the Linux man page to understand the usage….

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