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Matrix Operations In R 1

Matrix Operations in R

R offers extensive matrix handling capabilities. In addition to the basic operations discussed earlier, there are several advanced matrix functions that will ease your statistical programming efforts. This tutorial will illustrate such functions with examples…..

Extract Tar Gz File

Extract tar.gz file in Linux

We’ll look at how we can extract a tar.gz file in Linux. A tar.gz is an archive file that contains files of other types. It acts as an intermediate storage file across a network. It….

Change SSH Port In Linux

How To Change SSH Port in Linux – An Easy Guide

The default port on SSH is 22. But for security reasons, it’s a good idea to change SSH port in Linux. We’ll discuss why it’s necessary and how to make the change in a step….

Gets() And Fgets() In C

fgets() and gets() in C Programming

Introduction We all are familiar with the scanf() function. It is the main function applicable to take basic user inputs. Even though scanf() works great while taking inputs such as integer, character, float etc. It….

Linux ⁄dev⁄null

/dev/null in Linux

/dev/null in Linux is a null device file. This will discard anything written to it, and will return EOF on reading. This is a command-line hack that acts as a vacuum, that sucks anything thrown….


Matrices in R

Matrices are a very important concept in R programming, mostly used for statistics and data manipulation. Where vectors are a set of values stored across a single dimension, matrices are collections of stored values across….

Cpp Vector

Vectors in C++

A Vectors in C++ is an array-like container that can change dynamically in size. Being a part of the C++ STL, a Vector can support various dynamic array operations. Overview of Vectors in C++ Vectors,….

Priority Queue

Priority Queue in C++

A Priority Queue is a variant of a Queue such that it’s elements are ordered based on their priority. C++ has a built-in priority queue data structure in it’s Standard Template Library (STL). Priority queues….

Hash Table

Hash Table in C/C++ – A Complete Implementation

A Hash Table in C/C++ (Associative array) is a data structure that maps keys to values. This uses a hash function to compute indexes for a key. Based on the Hash Table index, we can….

Vectors In R

Vectors in R

Vectors in R are the fundamental data types. This is because the R compiler treats all scalars (numerics, integers, etc.) and matrices as special cases of vectors. From a data scientist’s perspective, you can consider….

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