Portal and Portlets

Installing Oracle Webcenter & Developing Portlet Using JDeveloper

We’ve explained the basic concepts about the Portlet container through different tutorials about Portlets and Portals here. We have a lot of Open source Portal vendors like Apache Pluto, Liferay, Sakai, Jetspeed and many more. We….

Apache Pluto, Portlet Bridge & JSF 2.0 Integration Example Tutorial

In the previous Developing Portlets Using JSP & Servlet we clarified you how can we use a Portlets, JSPs & Servlets for creating an MVC architectual application that’s easy to maintain, easy to debug and easy….

Apache Pluto Portlet & Struts 2 Integration Example Tutorial

In earlier tutorials, we’ve developed different types of Portlet. Portlets are developed using of JSP & Servlet at once and then we learned using of JSF with Portlets. This time we’re going to develop a….

Portlet Servlet JSP

In the previous tutorials that we’ve examined before, a RenderResponse writer is used mainly for writing the Portlets’ fragments into Portal page. This way of forming the Portlets’ contents isn’t used elegantly as it’s also doesn’t….

Portlet Concepts Detailed Examples Tutorial – PART II

At the Portlet concepts detailed Tutorial – PART I, we’ve explained a lot details about concepts like PortletRequest, PortletResponse, RenderRequest, ActionRequest, RenderResponse, ActionReponse and all their respective functionality as we saw how can they play….

Portlet Lifecycle

As we’ve seen previously, Portlet is conceptually very similar to Servlet as they can only operate within a container. Both Servlet and Portlet have an obligations that their design must satisfy to allow them interact….

Portlet Tutorial

We’ve introduced all of these concepts that would be used while you’re dealing with the Portlet development. Portlet and Portlet container had used several objects that make obligation between both of them to get their….

Java Portlet Example Tutorial

In the presented introduction about Apache Pluto, we’ve mainly discussed the most simple Portlet application that you may have. The business scenarios are more complicated then normal and they require a full knowledge about the….

Introduction Into Apache Pluto RI, Portal & Portlet Container Example Tutorial

Several facts have participated in getting Portal technologies used recently. Business needs have many kind of complexities, companies want to get their employees more productive, customers want to be served efficiently, managers want to save….

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