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Face Recognition And Detection Using OpenCV

Face Recognition and Detection Using Python OpenCV

Face Recognition is a trending technology at present.

Everywhere you see faces, you look out into the offline world and the Internet world.

Faces, both in photographs and in films. Our brain, of course, quickly recognizes the human in the photographs and videos.

Yet we want computers or cell phones to define these items themselves.

So let’s talk about two ways we can detect faces in photos.

Cryptography In Python

Cryptography in Python – Step-By-Step Implementation

Hello, readers. Are you interested in Cryptography? As a kid, I was amazed reading books on how to encrypt and decrypt secret messages. So here I bring to you some interesting cryptography we can perform on Python. Let’s get started.

In Python

Optical Character Recognition and Translation in Python

Today, let me talk to you about OCR and the amazing things that we can use it for.

Python Vectors

Vectors in Python – A Quick Introduction!

Hello, folks! Today, we will be having a look at one of the most unaddressed topics in Python that is, Vectors in Python. So, let us begin! First, what is a Vector? A vector in….

Hosting Python Script On A Docker Container

Run Python in Docker: Hosting a Python Script on Docker

Hello readers! In this article, we will be Understanding the process of Hosting a Python script on a Docker Container in detail. So, let us begin! What is a Container? A Container is a package….

Natural Language Processing Tasks

Natural Language Processing: How to Process NLP Data?

In this article we’ll look at some of the most popular NLP tasks, and how to perform them using Python.

Rasa Chatbot – A Powerful Chatbot Framework

Hello readers! Well done on completing the intent classification task. In this article, let me introduce you to the Rasa chatbot framework. It is an NLU (Natural Language Understanding) framework. So let’s learn about it…..

Introduction To Chatbots (1)

Retrieval-based Intent Classification in Chatbots 2/4

Since we discussed theoretical stuff in the first part of this chatbot series, I thought we should now try some practical stuff. So in this part, of course, we’ll start with some introduction about intent, and then work on a dataset.

Introduction To Chatbots (2)

Retrieval-based Intent Classification in Chatbots 3/4

So welcome back to the final part of intent classification in chatbots! We already went over the dataset and we performed some necessary operations on it to be able to use it in the previous….

Introduction To Chatbots

Introduction to Chatbots – How Chatbots work? 1/4

Many companies today claim that they have chatbots running on NLP and that they are creating responses on the fly. But how do Chatbots work? Chatbots are aiming to make natural interactions indistinguishable from human….

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