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String Length In Python

Find String Length in Python

Introduction In this tutorial, we are going to discuss how we can find string length in Python. A string’s length or size is mainly required while traversing over it or while performing some operations on….

Python String Functions

Python provides a lot of built-in functions to manipulate strings. Python String is immutable, so all these functions return a new string and the original string remains unchanged. Python String Functions There are many functions….

Python String zfill()

Python String zfill(width) function returns a new string of specified width. The string is filled with 0 on the left side to create the specified width. If the string starts with sign characters (+,-) then….

Python String title()

Python String title() function returns a title cased version of the string. The first character of the words are in Uppercase and all the remaining characters are in Lowercase. Python String title() This function doesn’t….

Python String splitlines()

Python String splitlines() function returns the list of lines in the string. The line boundaries are not included in the string, unless we provide keepends argument value as True. Python String splitlines() The following table….

Python String partition(), rpartition()

Python String partition() function splits a string based on a separator into a tuple with three strings. The first string is the part before the separator, the second string is the separator and the third….

Python String swapcase()

Python String swapcase() function returns a new string with uppercase characters converted to lowercase and vice versa. Python String swapcase() This function doesn’t accept any parameter. Note that it’s not necessarily True that s.swapcase().swapcase() ==….

Python String rjust() and ljust()

Python string API provides two utility function to create a new string of specified length from the source string with right and left justification. Python String rjust() This function returns a new string of specified….

Python String isupper()

Python String isupper() function returns True if all the cased characters are in Uppercase. If the string is empty or there are no cased characters then it returns False. Python String isupper() Cased characters are….

Python String istitle()

Python String istitle() returns True if the string is title cased and not empty, otherwise it returns False. A string is title cased when all its words start with Uppercase characters and all other characters….

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