R Programming

R programming language provides an environment for statistical computing and graphics. It’s a GNU project, which was developed at Bell Laboratories. It’s similar to the S programming language.

R provides a wide variety of statistical and graphical techniques and is highly extensible.

R is Open-Source and it runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems.

Write Data Into Excel in R

Write Data Into Excel Using R – write.xlsx()

Excel is one of the best and widely used tools for data storage and analysis. Even today, though we got many new tools for data analysis, the Excel love never ends. As an R user,….

Ggpubr In R

ggpubr in R – Create Appealing Visualizations in R

“A picture can speak a thousand words”. Pictures or graphs can communicate data patterns more effectively and easily. I am sure you use many visualizations when you are analyzing the data. But, creating visualizations is….

Data Explorer In R

Dataexplorer in R – EDA is Super Easy Now

Data, Data and Data. It is everywhere. People like you working in various data-related roles, will spend more than half of their time processing and exploring data. As said, it is very important to explore….

P Load Function In R

P_load function in R – Load Multiple Packages With Ease

In this tutorial, we’ll talk about the p_load function in R. A package in R is a collection of code, data, and related documentation in a standard way. You can install a package in an….

How To Read Google Sheets Data Into R

Reading Google Sheets In R [the Easy Way]

If I ask you a question – “Do you use spreadsheets”?, I will immediately get a straight YES. It shows how popular and useful spreadsheets are in day-to-day business operations. If you are an analyst,….

Strings And Dates In R

Strings and Dates in R for Data Preprocessing

It is not a secret that any data-driven work requires more than half of the overall project time to process the data. Most of the time, the data will be messy and unstructured. Data preprocessing….

Na Rm And Is Na In R

na.rm and is.na in R programming | Find Missing information

If your daily tasks involve working with data, then the words like “messy” and “tidy” might not new to you. Most of the data-driven works required a reasonable time frame to transform the data for….


Exploratory Graphs for EDA in R

Let’s talk about exploratory graphs in exploratory data analysis in R. Do you often think exploring data by visualizing it will be more fruitful? If yes, then you should be aware of different plotting systems….

Linear Models In R

Linear Models in R – A Brief Reference

Linear models in R or also called Regression models are used to understand the distribution of the dependent variable (Y). This model also uses the mean of (characteristic) of independent or explanatory variables (X’s). As I said….

Qplot In R

qplot in R – A Brief Reference

Do you love to create quick plots in R?. If you say yes, then here is qplot in R. As we know about plotting systems in R, in this article, we will explore the qplot….

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