R Programming

R programming language provides an environment for statistical computing and graphics. It’s a GNU project, which was developed at Bell Laboratories. It’s similar to the S programming language.

R provides a wide variety of statistical and graphical techniques and is highly extensible.

R is Open-Source and it runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems.

Missing Values In R

Handling Missing Values in R – Omit() function in R

In this article, we’ll work on handling missing values using the omit() function in R. If you are an analyst, then you will be dealing with tons of data each day. You will continue to….


The which() function in R programming

The which() function in R returns the position or the index of the value which satisfies the given condition. The Which() function in R gives you the position of the value in a logical vector…..


The predict() function in R programming

The predict() function in R is used to predict the values based on the input data. All the modeling aspects in the R program will make use of the predict() function in its own way,….


The union() function in R – Eliminate Duplicate Values

The Union() function in the R language is used to unify the data and eliminate the repeated values in it. The function is useful in removing the duplicate records from the data. Syntax of the….

Log Function In R

Log() and Log10() Functions in R

The log() and log10() functions in R are the most useful functions in Data analysis, in particular, Exploratory Data Analysis. Log is short for Logarithm. In simple words, a Logarithm is just like exponents. For….

Unique Function In R

The unique() function in R programming

The unique() function in R is used to eliminate or delete the duplicate values or the rows present in the vector, data frame, or matrix as well. The unique() function found its importance in the….


The word cloud in R – A complete guide

A word cloud in R is often called as the text clouds. It is the visual appealing representation of the data which highlights the most frequently used or repeated words. Hello folks, today, we are….

The Sink() Function In R

How to use sink() function in R

You can use sink() function in R to drive the data to the external connections. Hello folks, today we will be looking into the applications of the sink() function in R. We are going to….

The Sub() And Gsub() Functions In R

The sub() and gsub() function in R

You can replace the string or the characters in a vector or a data frame using the sub() and gsub() function in R. Hello folks, we are going to focus on the most useful and….

The Cbind() Function In R

cbind() function in R programming

You can use cbind() function in R exclusively to bind or combine the multiple columns together. Hello folks, today, our focus will be on the applications and use cases of the cbind() function in R…..

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