R Programming

R programming language provides an environment for statistical computing and graphics. It’s a GNU project, which was developed at Bell Laboratories. It’s similar to the S programming language.

R provides a wide variety of statistical and graphical techniques and is highly extensible.

R is Open-Source and it runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems.

Top 10 Data Science Packages In R

Top 10 R packages

There are hundreds of free R packages and libraries that are constantly being developed and improved by a rich and diverse developer community. Most Popular R Packages This article aims to introduce you to some….

Box Plots In R

Creating Whisker and Box Plots in R

Box plots in R are a good way to measure and visualize how closely your data is distributed. These are also sometimes known as box and whisker plots. Each data distribution has certain measures of….

Bar Plots In R

Creating Bar Plots in R

Bar plots in R are the most frequently used plots in elementary statistics. These consist of horizontal or vertical bars representing a certain quantity associated with each entity in the dataset. For example, attendance days….

Basic Plotting In R

Understanding plot() Function in R – Basics of Graph Plotting

In this tutorial, let us first begin by understanding the basics using the plot() function in R. The R language is well known for its beautiful graphics with a rich set of functions to build….

The Apply() Function Family In R

The apply(), sapply(), lapply() and tapply() Functions in R Programming

The family of apply() functions in R is used to apply user-defined functions to the elements of complex structures like matrices, lists or data frames. These functions help a lot in simplifying your code and….

Lists In R

Lists in R Programming

Lists in R can group together different kinds of variables into a single compound structure. For this reason, lists prove very useful in handling data. A list can contain a numeric, integer string, factor or….

Data Frames In R

Data frames in R Programming

Let’s continue in our R programming tutorial series, and understand data frames in R. If you have ever handled data in databases, you will be familiar with the idea of records. Records are nothing but….

Factors In R

Factors in R

In this tutorial, we’ll move on to understanding factors in R programming. One operation we perform frequently in data science is the estimation of a variable based upon the model we built. We are sometimes….

Matrix Operations In R 1

Matrix Operations in R

R offers extensive matrix handling capabilities. In addition to the basic operations discussed earlier, there are several advanced matrix functions that will ease your statistical programming efforts. This tutorial will illustrate such functions with examples…..


Matrices in R

Matrices are a very important concept in R programming, mostly used for statistics and data manipulation. Where vectors are a set of values stored across a single dimension, matrices are collections of stored values across….

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