Have you tried the #1 WordPress plugin for creating tables on your website?

Is there a person who truly enjoys creating tables? Seriously, have you met them? If you haven’t worked on tables before, it might seem like an easy task. It’s basically just rows and columns. Or….

Chain Letters: Making Customers Happy with Personalized Emails

Beymard Institute made a very illustrative research regarding the cart abandonment many eCommerce organizations face. Due to various reasons, about 70% of the online shoppers abandon their purchases. The main cause seems the complicated checkout….

Private Internet Access VPN: 2-Yr Subscription at huge discount

Block hackers and government spies, even when you’re connected to public Wi-Fi, thanks to Private Internet Access. High-level encryption ensures you’ll put an end to incessant digital advertising, while IP cloaking gives you access to….

Complete Java Programming Bootcamp Course Bundle at 90% Off

We have got a java programming bootcamp course bundle where you will get 10 different courses at an unbeatable price of $69 only. Below are the courses included in this deal. From 0 to 1:….

Java Developer Course Bundle at 86% Huge Discount

Java is by far the most widely used programming language and it’s very popular too. There are many online courses available to learn java and related technologies, however, we have got a very sweet deal….

The Ultimate Guide of Black Friday Deals

How about making the most of your website? We are here to help you achieve awesome projects by giving you a range of tools and services which you can use. Especially on Black Friday, we….

Count the Number of Triangles in Given Picture – Programmatic Solution

One of my friend sent me below image as puzzle to count the triangles. I started counting them and first got to 15, then again recounted and reached to 19. But I was not sure….

How to install memcached into CPanel running CentOS

Recently I was trying to configure a VBulletin forum to use Memcached for caching. I was looking for some guidance for easy setup but didn’t find any useful and easy guide. I had installed memcached….

VBulletin 4 – Deleting Blog Posts from Database

Recently I was helping one of my friends in cleaning up his VBulletin 4 forum. VBulletin 4 has introduced Blog feature but the admin control panel doesn’t have extensive features to use it. To my….

Enterprise Mobility Makes Your Business Flexible

Mobility at present has no boundary; it is no more limited to working while traveling. Processes, applications, employees and the information are more important that will help to respond quickly as it is essential for the existing market. Enterprise mobility is widely used by the organization because it ensures better productivity and more customer satisfaction. It improves the quality of your work through mobile communication. With the emergence of technology, the features of the PC are easily found in the mobile phones which had brought a revolution in the information technology industries. Customers can easily get the accessibility of any services that they are in need off. Mobilizing the enterprise is a complex process for the IT organization. Complications that might arise lack of integrated solutions, lack of repeatable development and deployment models etc.

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