Scala Abstract Types

The type whose identity is not known precisely can be termed as abstract type. Scala Abstract Members A member is said to be abstract if the member does not have a complete definition in the….

Scala String concatenation, substring, length functions

Scala String can be defined as a sequence of characters. Today we will look into String concatenation, substring and some other Scala string functions. Scala String Consider an example of defining a string variable in….

Scala XML Processing – Literals, Serialization, Parsing, Save and Load Examples

XML is a form of semi structured data which is organized in the form of trees. Semi structured data is helpful when you serialize the program data for saving in a file or shipping across….

Scala File IO – Write File, Read File

Today we will look into Scala File IO operations. File operations mainly include reading data from files or writing data into files. Here we will look into Scala read file and Scala write file programs…..

Scala Extractors apply, unapply and pattern matching

Scala extractor is an object which has a method called unapply as one of its members. The unapply method matches a value and take it apart. The extractor also defines apply method for building values…..

Scala Regular Expression Example

Regular expressions are pattern matching utilities found in most of the programming languages. They define a generic pattern to match a sequence of input characters. Regex are widely used in text parsing and search. The….

Scala Identifiers Example Tutorial

The names of variables, classes, objects and methods are collectively called Identifiers. Scala identifiers are case sensitive. We have been using identifiers all through the tutorial series. Let us now see them in more detail…..

Scala Traits Example Tutorial

Scala Traits consists of method and field definitions that can be reused by mixing classes. The class can mix any number of traits. Traits define the objects by specifying the signature of the supported methods…..

Scala Option and Iterators Example

Scala Option can be defined as container that holds zero or more elements of the given type. The option[T] can return Some[T] or None object which represents a missing value. Consider an example of how….

Scala Tuples and Maps Example

Scala tuple is a collection of items together of different data types. Scala tuple is immutable. For example; val s1 = (12,”Harry”) Here we are declaring a tuple s1 that holds student id of integer….

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