Why Firefox and How to Get It On Your PC?

It’s hard, or even impossible, to imagine our life without the Internet. The World Wide Web lures us with its omnipresence and all-pervasiveness, which promises infinite knowledge and unlimited access to information. Still, surfing the….

IntelliJ IDEA Features and Surprise Giveaway

IntelliJ IDEA is one of the best Java IDE. I have used both Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA and there are couple of features that I like in IntelliJ IDEA and I wish it had worked….

How to Install Apache, PHP and MySql on Mac OS X

I have been writing blogs for a long time now and playing around with Apache and PHP every once in a while to change my Web Host server settings or to make some changes in….

Memcached Tutorial

Memcached is Free & open source, high-performance, distributed memory object caching system. Memcached is used by almost all the major websites with huge data, for example YouTube, Wikipedia, Twitter etc. Memcached is a very popular….

How to Generate XML from XSD in Eclipse

If you work on web services, you must have been using XSD. To test the web service, you need to generate XML from XSD file. Generate XML from XSD We can use Eclipse IDE to….

How to install memcached into CPanel running CentOS

Recently I was trying to configure a VBulletin forum to use Memcached for caching. I was looking for some guidance for easy setup but didn’t find any useful and easy guide. I had installed memcached….

Eclipse Shortcuts

Eclipse is one of the most widely used IDE for Java developers. I have been using it for more than 10 years and there are so many shortcuts that can help you in development by….

VBulletin Delete Spam Posts from Database

This post is in continuation of Deleting Blog Posts from Database. If your VBulletin forum is massively spammed with some users having thousands of posts, this will help you. VBulletin admin panel provides a way….

VBulletin 4 – Deleting Blog Posts from Database

Recently I was helping one of my friends in cleaning up his VBulletin 4 forum. VBulletin 4 has introduced Blog feature but the admin control panel doesn’t have extensive features to use it. To my….

SOAP XML Message – Understanding and Creating with Liquid XML Studio

What Is SOAP? Soap is an XML based transport protocol. Soap stands for Simple Object Access Protocol. Soap is a lightweight mechanism for exchanging structured and typed information. As it is XML based so it….

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