Spring Session Management – Spring Session JDBC

Spring Session Module provides APIs and implementation for managing user session in a web application. Spring Session Spring Session consists of following modules: Spring Session Core: Provides API and core support for session management. Spring….

Spring Boot Actuator Endpoints

Spring Boot Actuator Endpoints lets us monitor and interact with our application. Spring Actuator is a Spring Boot sub-module and provides built-in endpoints that we can enable and disable for our application. Spring Boot Actuator….

Spring @Bean Annotation

Spring @Bean Annotation is applied on a method to specify that it returns a bean to be managed by Spring context. Spring Bean annotation is usually declared in Configuration classes methods. In this case, bean….

Spring Boot @SpringBootApplication, SpringApplication Class

Spring Boot @SpringBootApplication Annotation Spring Boot @SpringBootApplication annotation is used to mark a configuration class that declares one or more @Bean methods and also triggers auto-configuration and component scanning. It’s same as declaring a class….

Spring RestController

Spring RestController annotation is a convenience annotation that is itself annotated with @Controller and @ResponseBody. This annotation is applied to a class to mark it as a request handler. Spring RestController annotation is used to….

Spring Controller – Spring MVC Controller

Spring Controller annotation is a specialization of @Component annotation. Spring Controller annotation is typically used in combination with annotated handler methods based on the RequestMapping annotation. Spring Controller Spring Controller annotation can be applied on….

Spring @Repository Annotation

Spring @Repository annotation is used to indicate that the class provides the mechanism for storage, retrieval, search, update and delete operation on objects. Spring @Repository Annotation Spring Repository annotation is a specialization of @Component annotation,….

Spring @Value Annotation

Spring @Value annotation is used to assign default values to variables and method arguments. We can read spring environment variables as well as system variables using @Value annotation. Spring @Value annotation also supports SpEL. Let’s….

Spring @PropertySource

Spring @PropertySource annotation is used to provide properties file to Spring Environment. This annotation is used with @Configuration classes. Spring PropertySource annotation is repeatable, means you can have multiple PropertySource on a Configuration class. This….

Spring @Service Annotation

Spring @Service annotation is a specialization of @Component annotation. Spring Service annotation can be applied only to classes. It is used to mark the class as a service provider. Spring @Service Annotation Spring @Service annotation….

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