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SQL Sum(), Count() And Avg() Function

SQL sum(), count() and avg() functions

Hey, readers! In this article we will be focusing on some of the extensively used aggregate functions of SQL — sum(), count() and avg() function. SQL sum() function The SQL sum() function does the summation….

Save Mysql Query Output To File

How to Save MySQL Query Output to File?

We can use the MySQL outfile statement to save the query output into a file. This is very useful when the query result is huge and you want to analyze it by exporting it into….

Change Reset Mysql Mariadb Root Password

How to Change/Reset MySQL or MariaDB root Password

Recently, I changed my website MySQL root user password. Then I thought what will happen if I forget the MySQL root password? Is there an easy way to reset the MySQL or MariaDB root password?….

Top 50 SQL Queries

Top 50 SQL Queries That You Must Know

In this article, we’ll go over the most common SQL queries that you should know to be able to use SQL efficiently. What SQL Queries Will Be Covered? We’ll be going over queries that are….

SQL Aggregate Functions

SQL Aggregate Functions basically operate on multiple columns to perform the operations and serve to represent the output as an entity representing the operation executed. Syntax: DISTINCT enables the user to select distinct values from….

SQL Joins

SQL Joins combine two or more tables together based on the corresponding common column among them. Note: All the below mentioned queries are executed with reference to MySQL Database. Types of SQL Joins INNER JOIN….

SQL Auto Increment

Sometimes we don’t have unique identifiers in the table to create a primary key. In this case, we can take help from SQL to have a special column for the primary key, whose values will….

SQL Foreign Key

When a database table is designed an important factor is to make sure that the table is scalable enough and is normalized at the same time. In order to make sure that the tables are….

SQL Composite Key

In a real-time situation, there can be scenarios when one column is not good enough to uniquely identify a row. In such scenarios, we use a combination of columns to uniquely identify a row. SQL….

SQL Primary Key

In a world driven with data all over, it is very easy to get duplicate data. The nightmare of any database table designer is to create a table with the possibility of duplicate data insertion…..

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