SQL Tutorial

SQL Rename Database

In the real world, there is very minimal chance when we need to rename database but still renaming database is a very valid scenario in real time. Today we will try to rename databases in….

SQL Create Database – PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server

The start of data storage is from the creation of a database. As the name suggests database is a base for data. A database typically contains different tables based on the necessity of data storage…..

Install SQL Server Express and SQL Server Management Studio

SQL server is one of the most used databases in the world. Also, SQL server’s performance is well known to the world. In order to understand any system the best way is to try out….

SQL Select Top

SQL Select Top SQL SELECT TOP clause is very useful when dealing with a huge set of data or tables with a huge amount of data. This clause is used to restrict the number of….

SQL Limit – MySQL Limit

When we work with a huge amount of data there are cases when we need to restrict the number of rows that should be returned as part of the query. In order to help us….

SQL Select Into

SQL Select Into SQL SELECT INTO operator is a very useful operator when it comes to data migration. SELECT INTO is used for the following two purposes. SELECT INTO copies data from all the columns….

SQL Insert Into Select

In the real world of SQL, imagine if there is a situation when you need to copy data from one table to another table. SQL has an answer for this and the answer is “SQL….

SQL Functions

In day to day usage of SQL, there is a time when we need to manipulate data based on the type of data. For example, in a table which comprises prices we need to get the….

SQL Subquery – Nested Query in SQL

In the real world, there are times when we need a particular set of data but we don’t have the exact details for getting the data set. In such cases, we try to get the….

SQL Commit And Rollback

The most important aspect of a database is the ability to store data and the ability to manipulate data. COMMIT and ROLLBACK are two such keywords which are used in order store and revert the process….

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