Struts 2

Struts2 and Log4j Integration Example Project

Sometime back I wrote an article about using log4j in web application and we utilized Servlet Context Listener to configure the log4j in web applications before we can use it. Today we will learn how….

Struts 2 Control Tags Example Tutorial

We learned about Struts 2 Data tags in the last post, today we will look into the control tags provided by Struts 2 framework. Control tags are used for manipulation and navigation of data from….

Struts 2 Data Tags Example Tutorial

In last article we saw how we can use OGNL in Struts 2 to work with application data and store or retrieve it from ValueStack. Struts 2 provide a lot of custom tags that we….

Struts2 OGNL

Struts2 OGNL is the expression language where OGNL stands for Object-Graph Navigation Language. OGNL is tightly coupled in Struts2 and used to store form parameters as java bean variables in ValueStack and to retrieve the….

Struts 2 Interceptor Example

Welcome to Struts 2 Interceptor Example. While working on Struts 2, most of the time you will spend on Action Classes but Interceptors are the backbone of Struts 2 Framework. Struts 2 Interceptor Struts 2….

How to get Servlet Session, Request, Response, Context Attributes in Struts 2 Action

Struts 2 Action classes doesn’t provide any methods to get Servlet API Request, Response, Session and attributes. But sometimes we need to access these in action classes, for example checking HTTP method or to work….

Struts 2 File Upload Example

Welcome to Struts 2 file upload example. File Upload is one of the common tasks of a web application and Struts 2 provides built-in feature for single and multiple file upload through FileUploadInterceptor. Struts 2….

Struts 2 Action Object-backed and ModelDriven Example

In my earlier posts for Struts 2 for Beginners and Struts 2 Annotation Example, you will notice that the java bean properties are part of Action classes. Actually this is not a good design because….

Struts 2 Actions Example Tutorial

If you are working on Struts 2, you will spent a lot of time developing Struts 2 Actions. This article is aimed to provide you more details about Struts 2 Action classes and different ways….

Struts 2 – No result defined for action and result input

Recently while working on a Struts 2 project, I got a strange error message No result defined for action and result input. Struts2 – No result defined for action and result input Let’s look at….

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