UNIX and Linux Commands Tutorials

Best Linux FTP Client

Top 7 Best Linux FTP Client For Linux Geeks

Are you searching for the best Linux FTP client to transfer your file from one system to another over the internet? If yes, you are on the right page to discover the best FTP client…..

Best Conky Themes For Linux

Top 24 Best Conky Themes for Linux

Are you in search of the best Conky themes for your Linux system? If yes, you are at the right place. If you are a Linux user, you must be aware of Conky. Conky is….

Installing Pycharm In Linux Png

How to Install PyCharm on Linux [Step-By-Step]

PyCharm is an Integrated Development Environment for Python developed by Jetbrains. It offers an intelligent code editor and tools for debugging, refactoring, and profiling the code. Apart from this it also has a built-in terminal….

Restore Default Repositories

How to restore default repositories in Ubuntu?

Getting errors while updating system repositories or installing new software? You may get errors because your /etc/apt/source.list file is corrupted which contains the repositories details. In this article, We will see how to restore the….

How To Install Wine On Ubuntu

How To Install Wine On Ubuntu?

In this article, we will learn about Wine software and learn to install Wine on Ubuntu. What Is Wine? Wine is an open-source compatibility layer that aims to provide allow computer games and application software….

Top 10 Best Linux Distros Of All Time [Updated]

If you’re new to Linux and are wondering what are the best Linux distros, you’re reading the right article. In a moment, we’ll list out Linux distributions that we found are really good and have….

VPN Traffic

How to Create Your Own VPN – Detailed Instructions

VPN – What is It? VPN is a virtual private network that creates an encrypted tunnel between your device and the Internet connection. There is a double VPN that is the simultaneous use of two….

Linux Terminal Tricks

Linux Terminal Tricks Every Linux Enthusiast Must Know!

Time to learn some cool Linux terminal tricks. As a Linux user, the terminal is going to be your best friend and it is very important that you know your way around it and learn….

Linux Commands For The Power User

Advanced Linux Commands For The Power User

If you’re a beginner, you may want to take a look at the top 50+ Linux commands. Today let’s take look at the advanced Linux commands for power users. Linux, in general is a CLI….

Things To Do After Installing Arch Linux

What to do after installing Arch Linux?

A vanilla Arch Linux installation gives you your base operating system with no utilities, allowing you to choose what you want your Operating System to behave like. This allows the user to have complete access….

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