UNIX and Linux Commands Tutorials

How to install Grafana on Ubuntu 18.04 and Debian 8

Grafana is a free and open-source monitoring system that is used for monitoring and visualizing metrics from host machines. It provides intuitive and appealing dashboards, and analytics coupled with the ability to customize your own….

How to install PhpMyAdmin on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

If you are not adept at managing your MySQL database on a terminal, phpMyAdmin provides a graphical interface that simplifies your database administration. phpMyAdmin is a free and open-source front-end PHP-based control panel that allows….

Linux sed Command Usage with Examples

Sed, short for Stream EDitor, is a command that is used to perform text transformations and manipulations on a file. Some of these transformations include searching and replacing text. With Linux sed command, you can….

How to install webmin on Ubuntu 18.04

Are you averse to running commands on a terminal and instead prefer managing your Linux system from a Graphical interface? Webmin is a free and open source web-based control panel that gives users the ability….

sort command in Linux with examples

Linux sort command is used for sorting file content in a particular order. It supports sorting of files alphabetically (ascending or descending), numerically, in reverse order, etc. We can also remove duplicate lines from the….

Linux du Command Most Useful Examples

Sometimes, you may be required to check the available disk space occupied by a given set of files. The Disk Usage (du) command is a standard Linux command that gives information about the disk space….

How to Create and Manage New Users on Linux

As a systems administrator or regular Linux user, you may be required to create additional users in the system so that other users can reap the benefits of interacting with the system. In this tutorial,….

vim Tutorial with Command Examples

vim, short for Vi Improved is a command-line text editor that is used for creating and viewing text files. In this vim tutorial, you are going to learn useful tips in using the vim text….

Linux df Command to Check Disk Space

Periodically, you may need to monitor or check the disk space on your system to ensure that you have enough space to install software packages or save files. There are plenty of tools on the….

Telnet Command Usage in Linux/Unix

What is Telnet ? Telnet is an old network protocol that is used to connect to remote systems over a TCP/IP network. It connects to servers and network equipment over port 23. Let’s take a….

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