UNIX and Linux Commands Tutorials

Soft Links Featured Image

Soft Links in Linux – The Complete Reference

A link in Linux systems are pointers to a file or a directory. There are two types of links in Linux, namely soft and hard links. In this article, we will examine soft links in….

Vmstat Featured Image Edited

A guide to vmstat command in Linux

An acronym for “Virtual Memory Statistics”, the vmstat command is a Linux utility for displaying statistics related to memory consumption, disk usage, and other system information. Without any further ado, let us get down to….

How To Install Docker On Ubuntu

Install Docker on Ubuntu – A Step-By-Step Guide

Let me walk you through the steps to install docker on Ubuntu today. Since I was installing it on my system, I decided to write a tutorial to visually guide you through it so you….

Best Antivirus For Linux

Top 10 Best Antivirus for Linux – Linux Antivirus Software List!

Today’s article is all about the best Antivirus for Linux. But if Linux is so secure, why do we need to have an Antivirus, right? You’re right! However, Linux powers more than 70% of the….

Best Penetration Testing Tools 2020

Top 10 Best Penetration Testing Tools for Linux

This article covers some of the best penetration testing tools for Linux Cybersecurity is a big concern for both small and big organizations. In an age where more and more businesses are moving to the….

Atop Featured Image

A guide to atop command in Linux

The atop command is a tool for monitoring system resources in Linux. It displays tons of information related to the amount of load on the system’s resources at the process level. There can be indefinite….

Apt Command Tutorial

The apt Command – A Practical Usage Guide

This guide will walk you through everything you’d need to start using the apt command in Linux. Packages help in delivering or installing any application on a Linux running system. A Linux package is the….

inode in Linux

What are inodes in Linux?

Inodes in Linux is a data structure that stores metadata about files. The inode is short for index node. It contains the following information about a file : User ID of the file Group ID….

Proc Featured Image

A guide to ‘/proc’ file-system in Linux

/proc, in short for “process”, is a virtual file-system, that is created every time the system starts up. It contains information related to the ongoing processes, memory management as well as some hardware configurations. Every….

Proc Info files

/proc/cpuinfo and /proc/meminfo files in Linux

/proc is a directory in the Linux system that contains information about the system. /proc is not a real file system, rather a virtual file system. It is sometimes also referred to as a process….

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