UNIX and Linux Commands Tutorials

Vim Plugins Min

Vim plugins that you can use to boost your productivity!

VIM or the VI Improved text editor is proclaimed as one of the most advanced text editors that were developed and it comes with a lot of plugins. And, while it seems like it has….

Lightweight Linux Distros

Top 10 Best Lightweight Linux Distros of 2020

Today, we’re talking about the best lightweight Linux distros of 2020 today. If you want to bring an old computer back to life or you are a minimalist who likes their computer systems lean, this….

Compare Two Files

Compare two files in Linux – Using diff, vimdiff, and colordiff

Linux provides you with multiple options to compare two files. The most popular command to compare two files is diff. In this tutorial we will look at diff command and some other options the you….

Vi Vs Vim

Vim vs Vi – Similarities and Differences Between VIM and VI?

Vim and Vi are both text editors available in Linux. Vi stands for Visual since it is a visual editor. Vim is short for Vi Improved. The two editors are very similar to each other…..

Dig Command In Linux

dig Command in Linux: A Complete Beginner’s Reference

The dig command is a Linux utility that allows you to grab information about a domain from the command line. The command is very vast with a lot of options and tags to work with…..

Process Management in Linux

Commands for Process Management in Linux

In this article, we’ll discuss process management in Linux. A process in Linux is nothing but a program in execution. It’s a running instance of a program. Any command that you execute starts a process…..

Install Eclipse on linux mint

How to Install Eclipse on Linux Mint?

In this article, we cover the steps to install Eclipse on Linux Mint. When it comes to coding in Java, Eclipse is the most popular IDE that programmers use. The add-on tools available for software….

Anbox On Linux Mint

How to Install Anbox on Linux Mint?

This article goes over the steps to install Anbox on Linux Mint. Ever wondered how cool it would be to be able to run android applications on your Linux system? Well, Anbox helps you do….

Reduce Image Size Featured Image

Reduce File Size of Images in Linux – CLI and GUI methods

In this article, we talk about the different ways to reduce the file size of images in Linux. With the increase in the focus on the quality of images, the image file sizes have been….

How To Read Command Line Arguments In Linux

How to Read Command Line Arguments in Shell Scripts?

Reading user input is one part of the equation. In today’s article, we’ll learn to read command-line arguments in shell scripts. Shell scripts are an essential tool for any Linux user. They play a major….

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