UNIX and Linux Commands Tutorials

Different Types Of Shells

What are the Different Types of Shells in Linux?

Shells are an important part of any Linux user session. We are provided several different types of shells in Linux to accomplish tasks. Each shell has unique properties. Hence, there are many instances where one….

Rename A File

How to Rename a File in Linux?

This tutorial will walk you through the simple steps to rename a file in Linux. It’s going to be a very simple and straightforward tutorial even if you are a beginner. Before we begin This….

OpenLiteSpeed Webserver

How to Install OpenLiteSpeed Webserver on Ubuntu?

Want to install OpenLiteSpeed Webserver on Ubuntu? Today we’re going to do just that. The OpenLiteSpeed web server is an open-source server renowned for its lightweight nature and high performance. Developed by LiteSpeed Technologies, it….

For Loop

Understanding the for Loop in Shell Scripts

Continuing on from our previous tutorials, let’s understand the for loop in shell scripts today. We’ve already covered the while loop previously and the for loop has similar usage with a different format. Getting started….

How To Install FTP Server On Ubuntu

How to Install FTP server on Ubuntu?

In this tutorial, let’s learn how to install FTP server on Ubuntu. FTP or File Transfer Protocol is a protocol used to transfer files between two remote servers over the network. Just like HTTP is….

While Loop

The while Loop in Shell Scripts

Today we’ll learn about the while loop in shell scripts. Loops are an essential part of any programming language. When we write a code to execute a set of statements 15 times, writing the same….

If Else Statement In Shell Script

How to Use if-else in Shell Scripts?

Moving ahead from our previous tutorial on arrays in shell scripts, let’s understand how we can use if-else in shell scripts. Conditional programming is an important part of any programming language because executing every single….

How To Extract A Rar In Ubuntu

How to Extract a RAR File on Ubuntu

Want to know how to extract a RAR file on Ubuntu? RAR is one of the most common forms of data compression used in the industry. While ZIP allows wider accessibility for the users, RAR….

Clear Bash History

How to Clear Bash History in Linux and Mac

Sometimes we run bash commands with sensitive information. For example, running a shell script and passing passwords as the command-line arguments. In that case, it’s better to clear the bash history for security reasons. Clear….

How To Use The chroot Command in Linux

A Practical Guide for the chroot Command in Linux

Sometimes, you may need to isolate a process from other processes running on your system. We can do this with the use of the chroot command in Linux. In this tutorial, we will show you….

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