Check Ubuntu Versions Easy Methods

How To Check Ubuntu Version – Quick And Easy Methods

In this tutorial, we will go over the easiest methods to check Ubuntu version from the terminal. You can use any of the methods below depending on what you need. The outputs that the commands….

Install Mariadb On Ubuntu

How to Install MariaDB on Ubuntu

We can install MariaDB on Ubuntu from the Ubuntu repositories or the official MariaDB repositories. In this tutorial, we’ll go over both the methods in detail. The preferred way is to make use of the….

LiteSpeed Web Server “Resume All Listeners” Workaround

I am using LiteSpeed Web Server. It works great when used with the LiteSpeed Cache WordPress plugin. However, sometimes I see that the error.log is filled with the “Resume All Listeners” notice messages. 2019-10-22 14:11:09.999551….

Linux passwd command – Change User Password

Introduction Linux passwd command changes a user’s password. A user can only change his/her own password but the root/superuser may change any user’s password. Let’s look at the Linux man page to understand the usage….

Linux echo Command Examples

Linux echo command is used to display a line of text on the screen. This is done by echoing the string to the standard output. Linux echo Command Let’s see how the echo command is….

How to set up Apache Virtual Hosts on Ubuntu 18.04

The Apache HTTP Web server is a powerful, free and open source web server that has been, and remains the leading web server platform ahead of others such as Nginx and Microsoft IIS. According to….

How to Install OpenStack on Ubuntu 18.04 with DevStack

Openstack is a free and opensource IaaS cloud platform that handles cloud compute, storage and network resources. It comes with an intuitive dashboard that enables systems administrators to provide and monitor these resources. You can….

Linux xargs command examples

The xargs command in Linux/UNIX reads items from the standard input, delimited by blanks or newlines, and executes the command one or more times with any initial arguments. If no command is provided as an….

How to Install Yarn on Ubuntu 18.04

YARN and NPM (Node Package Manager) are the two popular JavaScript package managers to automate the process of installing, updating and removing NPM packages. In this guide, we will learn how to install YARN on….

How to install Java on Ubuntu 18.04

Java is a general purpose, object-oriented and high-level programming language developed by Sun Microsystems way back in 1995. Today Java is commonly used for developing and delivering content on the web apart from powering many….

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