Node Express JS: Socket IO Module Example

Before reading post, please go through my previous posts: “Express JS WebApplication with Enide Studio 2014 IDE” and “Express JS Routings with Enide Studio 2014 IDE”. Introduction to Socket IO Node JS: Socket IO Module is used to develop Real-time Client-Server Communication applications. It internally uses “WebSocket” Programming model to …

Scala Annotations Example

Scala Annotations are metadata or extra information added to the program source code. Like comments, annotations can be attached to a variable, method, expression or any other program element. Annotations are allowed on any kind of definition or declaration including vars, vals, classes, objects, traits, defs and types. The syntax …

Scala Abstract Types

The type whose identity is not known precisely can be termed as abstract type. Scala Abstract Members A member is said to be abstract if the member does not have a complete definition in the class. These are implemented in the subclasses. For example; Student trait declares a type X …

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