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Getch C Cpp

Using the getch() function in C/C++

In this article, we’ll take a look at using the getch() function in C/C++. The getch() function is very useful if you want to read a character input from the keyboard. While this is not….

Enumeration In C (2)

The Beginners Guide to Enumeration in C

Hey, folks! Hope you all are doing well. In this article, we will be discussing Enumeration in C . What is Enumeration? Enumeration in C is a user-defined data type. Thus, we can customize the….

All You Need To Know About The

Understanding SQL ANY and ALL Operators

Hello, folks! Hope you all are doing well. In this article, we will be discussing about SQL ANY and ALL Operators. As we know, Operators acts as a medium or catalyst to perform any operation….

2d Vectors Featured Image

2D Vectors in C++ – A Practical Guide 2D Vectors

Also referred to as vector of vectors, 2D vectors in C++ form the basis of creating matrices, tables, or any other structures, dynamically. Before arriving on the topic of 2D vectors in C++, it is….

System.exit() in java

System.exit() in Java

The System.exit() method terminates the Java virtual machine. This method takes an argument, which is the status code passed to the caller. A status code of zero signifies a normal exit whereas a status code….

Set to List in Java

How to Convert Set to List in Java

Lists in Java are ordered collection of data, whereas sets are an unordered collection of data. A list can have duplicate entries, a set can not. Both the data structures are useful in different scenarios…..

Pair Class in Java

What is a Pair Class in Java?

Java Pair class stores two values in the form of a tuple. This can be useful to get a function to return two values. Java has an inbuilt Pair class from Java 8 onwards. That….


How to Merge Two Lists in Java?

Merging two lists in Java is often a useful operation. These lists can be ArrayLists or LinkedLists. How to Merge Two Lists in Java There are multiple ways we can merge two lists in Java…..

How To Install Docker On Ubuntu

Install Docker on Ubuntu – A Step-By-Step Guide

Let me walk you through the steps to install docker on Ubuntu today. Since I was installing it on my system, I decided to write a tutorial to visually guide you through it so you….

Java replaceAll() statement

Java String replaceAll() Method

Java String replaceAll() replaces all the occurrences of a particular character, string or a regular expression in the string. The method returns a new string as its output. The method requires two parameters. String replaceAll()….

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