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Linear Models In R

Linear Models in R – A Brief Reference

Linear models in R or also called Regression models are used to understand the distribution of the dependent variable (Y). This model also uses the mean of (characteristic) of independent or explanatory variables (X’s). As I said….

Qplot In R

qplot in R – A Brief Reference

Do you love to create quick plots in R?. If you say yes, then here is qplot in R. As we know about plotting systems in R, in this article, we will explore the qplot….

Free Wordpress Plugins

Top 5 Free WordPress Plugins in 2021

Searching for the best free WordPress plugins in 2021? Great! In this article, I’d like to share with you my top 7 picks that will add a lot of value to any WordPress site out….

Boosting In R Yet Another Ensamble Method

Boosting in R | Another Ensemble-Based Method

Are you a big fan of ensemble models?. Well, here is boosting in R – Yet another ensemble-based method. In this article, we will explore how boosting works in R and how we can make….

Lattice In R An Elegant Visualization System

Lattice in R – An Elegant Visualization System

Data visualization is the most important aspect of any analysis. It is the only thing which conveys all your hard work. As we know, R includes three types of plotting systems. The base plot, ggplot,….

Best Remote Desktop Apps For Android

Top 25 Best Remote Desktop Apps for Android

It’s not feasible to carry our desktop everywhere. In such instances where you miss your computer, remote desktop apps for android shine out as a solution. What is a Remote Desktop app? Remote Desktop apps….

Cross Browser Testing Apps

Top 10 Best Cross-Browser Testing Tools

How can you develop consistent user experiences across different browsers efficiently? With the use of the best cross-browser testing tools! With such a wide range of browsers and devices available, it’s difficult to ensure that….

Bagging In R For Machine Learning

Bagging in R for Machine Leaning

Now, in this article, we will talk about Bootstrap Aggregation, also known as Bagging in R for the machine learning tasks. In one of the previous articles, we had discussed bootstrapping using R, where it takes to….

Descriptive Statistics Using R Language 1024x512

Descriptive Statistics Using R language

Hello folks, as some of you are using the R language, which is best known for its statistical analysis abilities, let’s try to understand something about data. As data is often called modern fuel today,….


Vectorization in Python – A Quick Reference

Hello readers, today we will be looking into an amazing concept of what exactly is Vectorization in python. If you ask me, I would love to say, vectorization is an art. Yes, it’s the art….

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