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Top 50+ Linux Commands You MUST Know

Using Linux command on a regular basis? Today we’ll look at 50+ Linux commands you must know! The commands listed below are some of the most useful and most frequently used Linux commands. Let’s get….

Typing Module

Python typing module – Use type checkers effectively

Introduced since Python 3.5, Python’s typing module attempts to provide a way of hinting types to help static type checkers and linters accurately predict errors. Due to Python having to determine the type of objects….

Factorial In Python

Factorial Using Python Programming

Before we start implementing factorial using Python, let us first discuss what factorial of a number implies. Theoretically, the factorial of a number is defined as the product of all positive integers less than or….

Sizeof Operator In C Programming

sizeof() Operator In C Programming

Like many other programming languages, C also comes with some pre-defined functions. sizeof() operator in C is also predefined. But, it is not a function even though it looks like, rather it is a unary….

Structures in C

Structures in C language are basically user-defined data types that enables the user to create a data type that can group elements of different data types into it. Thus, it contains different data types to….

Conditional statements in R

To advance with programming, we need to be able to control the flow of the program execution. This controlling happens based upon certain logical conditions. When a condition is met, we expect the program to….

Functions in R Programming

A function in programming is a reusable chunk of code that performs a certain job. For example, if you need to calculate an average of a list of values multiple times, it would be tedious….

Java ResultSet Tutorial

Java ResultSet interface is a part of the java.sql package. It is one of the core components of the JDBC Framework. ResultSet Object is used to access query results retrieved from the relational databases. ResultSet….

memcpy() function

C/C++ memcpy() – Copy across memory locations

The memcpy() function in C/C++ is used to copy data from one memory location to another. This is a common way of copying data using pointers. Let’s understand how we can use this function in….

Print Without Newline in Python Programming

In different programming languages such as C, C++, Java, etc. by default, the printing statements do not end with a newline. While in the case of Python, we see that the ‘print()’ function by default….

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