Top Java Frameworks

Top Java frameworks to use in 2021

I remember my ode to Java experience sucked big time on notepad! The giant wall of white clipboard made Java look like a daunting programming language. I know this will offend many traditional Java experts,….

Kubernetes Deployment

Kubernetes Deployment [Commands and Template]

Hello, readers! In this article, we will be focusing on Kubernetes Deployment in detail. So, let us begin!! 馃檪 What are Workloads in Kubernetes? Kubernetes provides us with workloads to hold our application-level data and….

Signs that your SD card is damaged and its solutions

Today, if it is possible to carry loads of data in paperless technology, it is because of SD cards. SD cards are one of the most famous media storage devices that are used in smartphones….

Top Best Gnome Themes Linux

Top 10 Best Gnome Themes for All Linux Distros

Gnome is one of the easiest Linux desktop environments and this article is about the best gnome themes that will give your desktop a sassy look, without the fuss of configuration files and manual changes…..


Permutations and Combinations in Python

Permutations and Combinations of a set of elements are different arrangements of the elements of the set. Combination聽is a collection of the elements where the order doesn’t matter Permutation聽is an arrangement of a set where….

Java 15 Features

Java 15 Features

Keeping up with the six-month cycle tradition, after the release of Java 14 on March 17, 2020, we now have Java 15, the next non-LTS version rolling out on September 15, 2020. Java 15 Features….

Java SQL Blob

Interface Blob is part of java.sql package. Blob is a Java representation of SQL blob datatype. Blob is used to save and retrieve binary data from databases. Blob is supported by ResultSet, PreparedStatement, and CallableStatement…..

Connection Pooling 1

Connection Pooling in Java

Connection pooling means a pool of Connection Objects. Connection pooling is based on an object pool design pattern. Object pooling design pattern is used when the cost (time & resources like CPU, Network, and IO)….


How to Sort a HashMap by Value in Java?

HashMap in java provides quick lookups. They store items in “key, value” pairs. To get a value from the HashMap, we use the key corresponding to that entry. HashMaps are a good method for implementing….


What is a Balanced Binary Tree and How to Check it?

In case of binary trees, if the trees are skewed, they become computationally inefficient to perform operations on. This is the motivation behind making sure that trees are not skewed. Hence the need for balanced….

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